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New PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) announces protest demonstration on Friday, March 9 after Juma prayer at PIA H.O
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] The PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) has announced to stage protest demonstration scheduled on Friday, March 09, 2018 after Juma Prayer at PIA Headoffice, Karachi Airport.

Syed Tahir Hasan, President, PIAREA in his message has appealed to all PIA Retirees to participate in protest demonstration. He pointed out, they have 04 main demands like  01. Increase of PIA pension
since October 01, 2015 02. Fixation of minimum pension like the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered in connection with the Banks by taking suomoto action 03. Refund of Commuted Portion of PIA Pension 04. Effective representation of beneficiaries (PIAREA Reps) in PIA Fund Trust.

All PIA Retirees, once again have been requested to participate in the protest demonstration at the PIA HeadOffice, Karachi Airport after Juma Prayers on Friday, March 09, 2018.

New PIAREA's central delegation to visit to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad in March
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] The central delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) is scheduled to visit five cities for coordination. The program is as under:

Saturday, March 10, 2018.
RAWALPINDI: Sunday, March 11, 2018.
PESHAWAR: Monday, March 12, 2018.
MULTAN: Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
FAISALABAD: Thursday, March 15, 2018.
The delegation would consist; Mohammad Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizer), Syed Tahir Hasan, (Central President, PIAREA), Chaudhry Azam (Organizing Secretary) and Haji Mohammad Iqbal (Out-Station Secretary).

New Govt not interested in saving PIA: Sherry

ISLAMABAD: Vice-President PPPP, Senator Sherry Rehman, speaking after the Special Committee on the Performance of PIA, expressed dismay over the airline’s disastrous performance in the last four years. “No serious action has been taken to save PIA or hold people accountable for the losses and malfeasance even after two years of hard work by the parliamentary committee’s scrutiny and diligent questioning. For instance, no satisfactory answers were ever provided on the setting up of the Premier Service, its lack of business plan, quiet dissolution and huge losses to PIA worth Rs 3 billion,” said the Senator.

Rehman further stated, “With only a few dozen planes and accumulated losses of Rs 345 billion, it pains me to say that PIA is now amongst the world’s most poorly managed airlines. PIA’s management, due to its negligence, corruption and lack of vision ensured the precipitous drop of the airline’s performance. A serious management overhaul, starting from the top management is desperately needed”.

“It is shocking that until the committee pointed out, no action was about to be taken on the Airbus that found itself parked in Leipzig Museum, nor against the officials who flouted PPRA rules to sell it off and flee from station. The Board may want to address why PIA was cannibalized against our committee’s advice to operate a new service without a clear business plan or financial stabilization of the existing PIA. I appreciate the good work done by the committee and the stewardship of the Chair, Senator Muzaffar H Shah, but it seems all our advice falls on deaf ears,” added the Senator.

Rehman also voiced concern over the Aviation Policy where an unfettered open skies policy took away key routes from PIA saying, “The government never brought this policy to the table, they allowed other airlines to muscle out PIA from all big routes, not just a selected few. This development, if true, is another challenge to our national flag carrier that is already struggling to keep itself afloat”.

“On top of all of this, PIA’s Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) level is now flagged as critical. This puts PIA on the verge of losing its international license. We have brought up the importance of ensuring that PIA meets international safety standards both in this committee and in the Senate. All the alarm bells seem to fall on deaf ears and it is distressing not just for us but for the thousands of passengers who fly with PIA every day,” added Rehman.

Criticizing the government’s poor leadership that steered PIA down the path of further descent, the Senator said, “PIA’s New York operations have been halted for the first time since 1961. PIA was making losses worth up to Rs 450 million annually and is not even meeting its Direct Operating Cost (DOC). After New York, the airline decided to halt flight operations to Oman and Kuwait as well. It is alarming that the government is now considering to privatize PIA as its last resort. I hate to say it but there seems to be no real interest in government to save PIA. The committee saw no evidence of any such actions despite the Advisor’s advice”.

“Despite the global trends of improvement in profitability and significant decline in oil prices, PIA continued to make losses and could not even cover costs. In 2015, the oil price was $47 per barrel as compared to $147 per barrel during the PPP government and yet, the situation was nowhere close to what it is now,” said the Vice-President PPPP
(The Daily Times, Frb 15, 2018)

PIA's privitasiation before end of current
Govt's tenure impossible: Aviation Advisor
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees] Days after the federal privatisation minister claimed that the government is committed to selling off the core business of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) before April 15, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Abbasi on Tuesday ruled out any possibility of the national flag carrier's privatisation before elections.

 Presenting a report before the Senate on PIA's progress, Abbasi said finalising the privatisation of the airlines during the tenure of the incumbent government was quite impossible.

 He said he was not seeing any serious effort on the part of the government to privatise PIA.
 "The government is about to complete its tenure, whereas it is quite impossible to complete the process of privatisation within next two months as the process takes years to be completed," he elaborated.
 The adviser said the PIA employees and administration were striving hard to restore the airline's past glory.

 "The PIA administration has been told not to accept any external pressure," he said, without elaborating. He added that the issue of PIA's privatisation has created unrest among the employees.
 He further said that PIA is a commercial company and commercial institutions follow their own rules and regulations
(Dawn, January 23, 2018)

New No positive result of talks so far between PIA Management & PIAREA despite Management's repeated promises to increase pension
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] Talks between PIA Management & PIAREA (PIA Retired Employees Association) on increase of PIA pension were resumed last month but so far no positive
result came out. The PIA Management repeatedly promised to increase in meagre amount of PIA
pension but to in vain.

The PIA Retired Employees have regretted that despite Management gives assurances to increase PIA pension, has never fulfilled its promises.

New  5 Airlines to be launched in Pakistan within one year
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] The 05 new airlines may add fresh challenges to the already struggling PIA. The five airlines planning to launching operation in Pakistan, are; AfeefZara Airways
Asakri Air, Air Sial, Go Green, Liberty Air

PIA ended flights to Kuwait
LAHORE: Pakistan International Airlines, the national flag carrier halted flights to Kuwait from February 1, officials said. It is pertinent to mention here that the airline had been incurring an annual loss due to its flight operations to the US, prompting the management to stop flights. According to the official sources, the airline will no longer book flights for Kuwait through its reservation system from February 1.

Dawn editorial: Privatising PIA January 16, 2018

IT is difficult to take seriously the claim made by Privatisation Minister Daniyal Aziz that the government intends to sell off the national airline before its term ends.

The timeline is very tight, and the legislative changes required, as well as the restructuring of the
airline prior to the sale of its ‘core business’, will be next to impossible to accomplish on such a
hurried schedule.

One is hard-pressed to understand why the minister made the remarks in an interview to Reuters, a global news agency. If the government is serious about the proposal, it should consider the timeline
first and make a solemn commitment that the matter is not going to be rushed through.

The minister said in the interview that the proposal has been developed in detail, and will now move
to the cabinet committee on privatisation, as early as “maybe even next week”. The committee should carefully consider the timeline before it comes to any conclusion.

There is no doubt that PIA, as well as other state-owned enterprises such as the Pakistan Steel Mills,
also mentioned by the minister, need dramatic change of some sort in order to stem their mounting losses, which are putting an unbearable burden on the national exchequer.

A way needs to be found to harness private-sector energies to revitalise these units, whether it is
through outright privatisation or some other arrangement. But in the limited time left to this government, it will be far too difficult to effect such a change.

Since the government failed to take this step in the five years of its rule that began in 2013, and even bungled matters massively the one time it tried to move PIA towards privatisation, it might be a better idea to leave the task to the next government to handle.

Repeated attempts to move privatisation along that end up in failure do more damage than good. In
the meantime, the accumulated losses to the national carrier now stand at Rs319bn; the amount is approaching levels almost equal to that of the circular debt in the power sector.

PSM is also asking for another Rs3bn to be able to run its payroll, something that has become almost routine.

Clearly, the situation is unsustainable in both enterprises, and the possibility of a disruptive credit
event, especially in the case of PIA, is rising. Drastic steps are required, but haste should not be the
force behind them.
Published in Dawn, January 16th, 2018

New CEO, PIA reassures PIAREA delegation
to resolve grievances of PIA Retirees soon
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] A 3-member delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) again met Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PIA at Headoffice, Karachi Airport on Friday, November 10, 2017 and raised problems of PIA Retirees, they are facing since long.
New PIA management uses delay tactics in release of pensions to save Rs 15833 per day
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] It has been reported that PIA Management particularly
Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is using delay tactics in delivery of pension to PIA retirees.

It is said as per PPM, No 18.10.01, the pension is to be paid on 1st day of every month but PIA Management is deliberately using delay tactics in order to earn about Rs 15,833 per day interest
from the total amount of pensioners by withholding it.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been requested to personally intervene and ensure the pension is
paid as per rules at the earliest.

PIA privatization process to be restarted
ISLAMABAD: In a major policy shift, the Privatisation Commission (PC) board on Thursday decided to reinitiate the process of privatising Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and all power generation and distribution companies.

The PC board also approved a Rs141.4-billion liabilities settlement plan of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) employees, National Bank of Pakistan and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) by giving away PSM
land. It decided to invite fresh bids for hiring financial advisers to sell government shares in Mari Petroleum Limited.

The decisions, if endorsed by the Cabinet Committee on Privatisation (CCOP), will revive the privatisation programme that had lost steam in mid-2015 when the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif stopped the strategic sale of these entities following pressure from political circles and labour unions.
The decisions of the PC board, which met under the chairmanship of Privatisation Minister Daniyal Aziz, were in line with the thinking of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. If the CCOP endorses the newly agreed privatisation programme, it may help in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a new bailout package, sources said. The privatisation of PIA and power companies is the unfinished agenda of the previous IMF bailout of $6.2 billion
(Courtesy: Express Tribune, Nov 03, 2017)

PIA being transferred into small regional airlines: PALPA

KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] As the movement to privatise the national carrier gains

momentum, the pilots’ association – which has historically been against the plan – is also gearing up
to take the management head on.

However, its official statement said that it is going to fight the manner in which the management is going about making operational changes including the suspension of flights to New York.

As a result, the pilots’ association of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is now looking
at establishing a ‘grand alliance’ at the national level to take the management head on against these changes.

For the ‘fight’, Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) has announced the formation of the alliance after the management suspended flights to New York recently, according
to a statement on Thursday.

“PIA, which is an international airline, is being transformed into a small regional airline,” an officer bearer of the association told The Express Tribune on Thursday.
(Courtesy: Express Tribune, November 10, 2017).

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New Courtesy: Dawn. Although name of Airlines not mentioned but some intellectuals called it as "Fate of PIA" created by ruling party PML (N).

Consulting Committee formed in PIAREA meeting
to suggest 'Line of Action' to save PIA
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] A meeting of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) 
was held on October 17 at PIAREA Office (PIA Headoffice), Karachi Airport which was presided over 
by Tahir Chiefy, President PIAREA.  

Those who attended the meeting include; Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizer), 
Tahir Chiefy, 
(President), Shaukat Jamshed (Vice Chairman), Mohammad Younus Kakakhail (Secretary General), Javed Afzal (Chairman Think Tank), Irshad Ghani (ex-Director), Athar Ansari (ex-Director), Baber Kamal Mumtaz (ex-Director), Himayat Ali (ex-Gen Manager), Shafique Zaman, Tariq Qureshi, Chaudhry Azam, Mohammad Khan Sial (Media Advisor) besides Ahsan Ghazi, Malik Aslam, Pervez Fareed, Najamul Ghani, Munasaf Khan, Khawaja Attaullah, Khalid Alvi, Ghulam Ali Khakhrani and others.

In the meeting, the matters related to PIA Retirees in view of the latest situation, was discussed in detail and Consulting Committee headed by Irshaf Ghani was also formed to prepare "Line of Action" regarding increasing problems, PIA Retirees are facing. 

The members of the Committee are: Irshad Ghani (Chief), Athar Ansari, Babar Kamal Mumtaz, 
Syed Tahir Hassan Chiefy, Mohammad Khan Sial, Iqbal Alvi & Munasaf Khan.

PIA becomes Titanic, may sink at any time: PM Advisor on Aviation Mehtab Abbasi's interview to VoA
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] PIA has become "Titanic" that may sink at any time. As an organization, PIA has merely Its "excellent performances" of the past and nothing else. Nevertheless,
he would personally try to save the airlines. This was disclosed by the Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Abbasi while talking to Radio Voice of America (VOA) Urdu as reported  on October 11, 2017.

Mr Abbasi further said PIA would discontinue its flights to New York after the expiry of the current
month as Airlines was suffering more than Rs 2 billion losses per year. It may be pointed out that PIA
was currently operating two weekly flights from Lahore to New York via Manchester (UK). 

Mr Abbasi further said PIA has suffered losses more than Rs 400 billion so far during the last 10 years whereas losses during 2016 were Rs 40 billion rupees.

While criticizing Open Sky Policy (originally introduced by ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his second tenure), Mr Abbasi pointed out this resulted in transferring of PIA passengers to Gulf Airlines 
that resulted in losses to PIA
 (VOA Urdu 11.10.2017).

PIA pilot fined for violating air safety rules
KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority has imposed Rs100,000 fine on a pilot of Pakistan International Airlines for violating air safety rules and exposing the lives of hundreds of passengers to danger, it is learnt here reliably. According to highly-placed sources, senior PIA pilot Sadiq Amin Rehman — who 
is a former vice president of Pakistan Air Lines Pilots Association (PALPA) — had operated a long haul Transatlantic flight from Pakistan without taking the mandatory rest 
(Dawn, October 16th, 2017
PIA's new management also using delay tactics 
not to enhance pension of retirees despite its promise
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report] Despite PIA management has assured to the delegation 
of the PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) from time to time to enhance the pension of PIA retirees, it seems PIA management is still unwilling to fulfill its promise in this regard on the pretext
one or another.

Although sufficient time has already passed to the promise made by the PIA's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the thousands of PIA retirees are still anxiously waiting for the increase in 
their meager pension amount as promised, that is insufficient even to pay their single normal home utility bill. It appears the new PIA management, like the previous ones, has forgotten its promise to enhance the pension of retirees.

PIA pension, Letter in Dawn from Rawalpindi
RAWALPINDI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]The leading English daily Dawn has printed letter to 
the editor dated Oct. 15, 2017 headlined: "PIA pension" that reads as under:-

DURING service in PIA, credit card schemes and personal bank loans were made so easy that paying back in time in installments was no problem and all went well .

However, at a stage, due to the crisis in the airline, a financial decision reduced salaries and perks. It 
is no more possible to pay back to banks all installments in time. This forced banks to involve recovery and collection departments and send representatives at home to let all neighbours know that a low-paid PIA employ
ee failed to pay installments. My pension, not properly calculated since 2010, further affected payment.

Seven years have passed and the pension was increased only once, from Rs 6070 to Rs 7587, despite corporation laws, rules ,instructions, court decisions and many letters published in these columns.

It seems no authority concerned is interested. Do we have two laws-one for the rich who can get away and the other for ordinary, low-income citizens? Will somebody take notice of what I am talking about? Talat Mahmood, 

CEO, PIA asked to resolve problems of PIA retirees as promised during meeting with PIAREA delegation on SepTEMBER 20. Letter in The News

KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]The leading English daily The News has printed letter to 
the editor dated September 25, 2017 headlined: "Times are changing" by Mohammad Khan Sial 
that reads as under:-

On Wednesday (Sept 20) the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA, Dr Musharraf Rasool, during his meeting with the delegation of the PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) assured
that the problems of PIA pensioners will be resolved soon.

On behalf of pensioners, I welcome the assurance given by the CEO and hope that better days will
arrive soon. These retired officers have been suffering for the last more than 13 years. The current pension amount is insufficient. The pensioner cannot pay a single utility bill with this amount. It is
hoped that the suffering of these pensioner will finally be alleviated.

Mohammad Khan Sial (Karachi)

PIA to introduce new Lahore - Delhi flights
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will introduce a new weekly flight to India in its schedule in November, PIA Spokesperson Mashood Tajwar confirmed.

Speaking to, the spokesperson said that a flight from Lahore to Delhi will be introduced to
the schedule next month, doubling the number of weekly flights from Pakistan to India. The number 
of weekly flights to the neighbouring country was reduced to one in May when, owing to "purely commercial" reasons, the 
flight from Karachi to Mumbai was suspended (Dn 20171006).
Meanwhile, Air China has also increased flights between Islamabad & Beijing from 4 to 7 per week.
PIA CEO assures PIAREA delegation to redress grievances

KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: A delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA)  headed by Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizer) & Tahir Chiefy (President) met Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PIA at Headoffice, Karachi Airport on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. 

The members of PIAREA delegation, congratulated Dr Musharraf for his appointment as CEO  and apprised him of the grievances, PIA retired employees are facing since long. Nevertheless, the CEO assured PIAREA delegation to resolve grievances 
of PIA retirees.

The PIAREA delegation comprised of Mohammad Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizer), Syed Tahir Hussain Chiefy (President), Shaukat Jamshed (Vice Chairman), Mohammad Yunus Kakakhel (Secretary General) & Chaudhry Mohammad Azam (Organizing Secretary).

Thousands of PIA retirees are anxiously waiting to
increase in meagre pension amount: Letters in Dawn
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: The leading English daily Dawn has printed 2 letters to the editor dated September 10, 2017 headlined: "PIA Retirees" by Mohammad Khan Sial & Hemayt Ali Khan, both read as under:-

THE PIA management recently assured a delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) once again that it would soon fulfill their demand for pension increase.

Although sufficient time has already passed while thousands of PIA retirees are anxiously waiting
for the increase in their meagre pension amount that is insufficient even to pay their single normal home utility bill. It appears the PIA management, like in the past, has forgotten its promise this time also.

On behalf of the PIA retirees, I suggest the PIA management to fulfill its promise to sanction an adequate amount at the earliest to provide relief to the retired employees.

Mohammad Khan Sial, Adviser on Public Relations, PIA Retired Employees Association,
(Published in Dawn, September 10th, 2017).
THERE are reports in the press that PIA has again decided to end all benefits applicable to its retirees. It is understood PIA wants to discontinue pension scheme and pay a lump 
sum amount, closing the chapter for good.

PIA has also decided to discontinue the lifelong medical treatment now applicable to all retirees 
and their spouses. The medical facility is also available to widows. The rebated travel facility
available to the retirees and their spouses will be withdrawn. This is against the decision of the 
joint session of Parliament in 2015. It was decided that If PIA was privatised, terminal benefits 
of retirees will be retained and will not be withdrawn.

PIA rules provide that every time the salaries of serving employees are increased, the pension 
will also be increased. Whereas serving employees are getting annual increases in their salaries 
but no pension increase has been allowed to the retirees since April 2013. The retirees who 
number approximately 17,000, are deprived of the increase in pension despite several meetings
with the PIA executive and his solemn assurances that an increase will be approved at the next board meeting. For the last four years PIA pensions are frozen and no increase has been allowed.

The retirees draw the attention of the newly-appointed members of the PIA board of directors to kindly consider the plight of the widows, and the retirees and decide a substantial increase in pension. The board is requested to declare that terminal benefits will be retained and substantial pension increase will be approved. Hemayt Ally Khan, General Secretary, Society of Former PIA Officers, Karachi

'Voice of PIA Retirees' also available on WhatsApp Group _ 03232684416

PIA’s three weekly Bangkok-Karachi flights
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees' Report]The Pakistan International Airlines’ first flight to Bangkok left from Karachi on Saturday morning (19.09.2017). The national flag carrier will use Airbus 320 
for three weekly flights — Saturday, Monday and Thursday — from Jinnah International Airport Karachi to Bangkok.

Convenient connections have been made for passengers from other cities to board direct flights 
to Bangkok. With this addition, Thailand has become the 50th destination, both domestic and international, on the national flag carrier’s network.

This is the second destination added to the PIA network within a week, the last being Najaf, which was added to its network on Thursday, says a statement 
(Published in Dawn, September 17, 2017).

PIA serving employees do not get August salaries after passing half month
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: PIA's serving employees could not get their salaries for 
the month of August after passing a period of half month.

A meeting of the General Council of the PIA Senior Staff Association (SASA) - an association of 
officers has raised protest. General Secretary of SASA Safdar Anjum said that wrong policy of the
Govt. has ruined PIA. He demanded some qualified persons be appointed against Administrative posts for longer period in PIA in order to improve the situation (Jang, September 15, 2017)

New PIA CEO instructed to submit revival plan by mid Oct
ISLAMABAD: The cabinet has tasked the new chief executive officer of Pakistan International 
Airlines (PIA) with coming up with a business plan by mid-October for turning the national flag 
carrier into a profit-making company, sources say.

CEO Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan, who took charge this week, has a tough task ahead as he will strive
to revive fortunes of the airline that has been facing losses persistently with liabilities swelling to around Rs350 billion. PIA also has to repay billions of rupees to banks to clear its debt. The cabinet
set the task for the CEO in its meeting held on August 22 
(Express Tribune, Sept. 10, 2017).

PIA pensioners facing numerous problems: The News
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: A leading English daily "The News" has printed letter 
to the editor on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 by Mohammad Khan Sial which reads as under:
PIA pensioners
The News / August 29, 2017.

It is unfortunate that the relevant authorities have been ignoring the plight of PIA pensioners for the last 13 years. While performing their duties, the now retired employees of PIA worked tirelessly to turn the organisation into one of the best airlines of the world. However, after their retirement, these people are suffering in silence. These people have been requesting the PIA management for a sufficient increase in their amount of pension, but to no avail. Although previously the management vowed

Mohammad Khan Sial

to the pleas of pensioners, nothing constructive has been done to date. PIA pensioners are drawing meagre amount of monthly pension that cannot be utilised to pay a single utility bill. No increase has been made in PIA pension during the last 13 years. If the management approves an increase in the amount of pension, it will not have negative effects on PIA’s financial statements since a separate 
‘PIA pension fund’ account is being maintained by the organisation. The same account also shows
billion of rupees.

At the time of retirement, the PIA management had assured pensioners to restore 50 percent of commuted amount of pension to those who would complete 10 years after retirement, but PIA never implemented this clause. Back in 2003, PIA promised to increase the amount of pension whenever 
there is an increase in employees’ salaries, but this was also not implemented. Whenever the federal government announces an increase in pension, PIA pensioners never got any benefit. PIA retired employees are entitled to get the payment of insurance amount, but they have not get full benefits 
to date. The minimum amount of pension fixed by the federal government is not followed by the PIA management. It is time the authorities took notice of the plight of pensioners.

Mohammad Khan Sial (Karachi)

PIAREA's efforts to get enhanced PIA pensions continue
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) has continued its efforts to get enhanced PIA pension, for the last many years. A delegation of PIAREA also met PIA management recently and tried to convince them to enhance PIA pension considerably as monthly amount being paid to PIA pensioner is insufficient to pay even single normal utility bill of a home. However, PIA Management, once again, assured PIAREA delegation to enhance the pension soon.

It may be pointed out PIA's top management, despite their promises more than dozens of times in
the past, could not so far fulfill it in this regard.

PIA pensioners' plea: The News

KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]A leading English daily "The News" has printed letter 
to the editor on Sunday, August 06, 2017 by Mohammad Khan Sial which reads as under:

Pensioners’ pleas
THE NEWS / August 06, 2017

The plight of PIA pensioners often goes unnoticed. The pension amount received by them is quite 
low. The amount is so low that it cannot be used to pay even a single utility bill. People don’t 
believe that an organisation as big as PIA will be paying a meagre amount as pension. However, 
this is the reality. Many retired employees of the airline are facing this issue. 

Despite the long struggle of employees, the PIA management was unable to meet the demand of 
the retired people. It is hoped that the management will take notice of the issue and increase the pension amount. 

Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi.

PIA Management wants to dump all its thousands of retirees! MKSial's letter in Dawn

KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report]: The leading English daily "DAWN" has printed letter 
to the editor on Sunday, June 11, 2017 headlined: "PIA pensioners' plea" by Mohammad Khan Sial 
which reads as under:

PIA Pensioners’ plea
DAWN / June 11, 2017

PIA pensioners were shocked to note that the PIA management is planning to get rid of all PIA pensioners (about 16,000) if it is privatised.

The parliament at its joint session had declared that no beneficiary of PIA would be deprived of his facilities if PIA is privatised.

The PIA board of directors has recently decided to dump all its 16,000 retirees by paying them 
an undeclared package, thereby increasing their financial problems.

The PIA management should reconsider its decision.

Mohammad Khan Sial, 
Public Relations Secretary, PIA Retired Employees Association
Karachi / Published in Dawn, June 11, 2017

Dawn editorial: New CEO for PIA
New CEO for PIA
Dawn editorial / September 08, 2017

THE beleaguered state-owned airline may have a new chief executive officer after a gruelling search, but the problems remain the same. The airline’s top management has previously been shaken by resignations amidst messy attempts to prepare the airline for privatisation — something billed 
as a search for a ‘strategic investor’ — and sackings in the face of allegations of corruption. The unceremonious departure of some in the management has cast a shadow on the new chief, and
pulling the airline out from under this shadow will be his primary challenge.

The new chief himself is far too young and inexperienced to be a driver of any significant change, particularly considering that the energies of the top management are largely exhausted in dealing
with the ailing carrier’s creditors. Couple this with the fact that with less than a year remaining 
for its term to end, the government is pressing ahead with its plans to conduct a divestment of a substantial chunk of its shareholding, mostly to shore up reserves and the fiscal framework — undoubtedly, the new chief has his work cut out for him.

The first big plan for the airline’s future sank the fortunes of his predecessors, but perhaps the new chief can successfully navigate his way through to implementing plan B: the sale of shares. However,
in order to lift the share price of the airline to any meaningful level, some sort of long-term prospect for its return to profitability will be required. Prospective investors are less likely to be impressed
with the PIA road show, whenever it gets going, if all they can see is a beaming face at the top
with all the dysfunctions intact beneath. 

They will want to ask about the big plan to tackle the growing debt burden and mounting losses, as
well as when an independent and professional management will be brought in. How will revenues be raised and costs curtailed? The new chief best start penning his answers to these queries now.
Published in Dawn, September 8, 2017

Ousted PM Nawaz Sharif's who ironically appointed 
personal friend Musharraf Rasool finally joined as CEO, PIA
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] Former Prime Minister M. Nawaz Sharif has ironically appointed his personal friend Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan as chief Executive Officer (CEO) PIA, has joined PIA on September 05, 2017.

On August 25, 2017, a meeting of Board of Directors (BoDs) , PIA held here that was presided over
by Chairman, PIA Irfan Illahi in which approval for appointment of Musharraf Rasool as Chief Executive Officer, PIA accorded. However, he has later joined as CEO.

Meanwhile, leading Urdu daily Jang (July 22, 2017) had reported on its website that Musharraf
Rasool was holding American nationality whereas he did not have any experience of Civil Aviation Business.

Earlier, Zia Qadir Qureshi was appointed as PIA's Chief Operating Officer (COP) whereas Bilal Munir Shaikh was appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) having experience in mobile-phone company 
(Ref. Dawn 06.07.2017 & Jang 22.07.2017).

Meanwhile, daily Express Tribune has reported (Sept 06, 2017) that Dr Musharraf
Rasool Cyan, who was appointed as chief executive officer of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ironically by former (ousted) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has formally joined the national carrier, according to an announcement made on Tuesday

PIA direct flights to Bangkok, Najaf from Karachi 
KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines will operate three weekly flights from the metropolis 
to Bangkok from Sept 16, PIA chairman Irfan Illahi said on Friday.

According to a PIA statement, the total number of destinations — both international and domestic — 
on the national flag carrier’s network has increased to 50 now. The PIA chief said that passengers
coming from other major cities would also be able to travel to Bangkok with convenient timings. He 
said the airline would operate Airbus A320 aircraft for direct flights between Karachi and Bangkok.

Bangkok would be the second destination to be added to the PIA network in September as the airline already announced commencement of flights to Najaf in Iraq from Sept 14, the statement added
(Published in Dawn, August 26th, 2017).

Undue delay in delivery of PIA pensions by various banks
PIA pension
Dawn / August 31, 2017

PAKISTAN International Airlines needs to improve its system of payment of pension. A cheque sent by the PIA pension branch to the Habib Bank`s airport branch for onward delivery to various branches of different banks takes a lot of time. Usually, a cheque that leaves the pension branch on the 11th of
every month is credited in my account at Askari Bank`s I-9 branch of Islamabad on the 24th of the same month. This is a long time.

I do understand official constraints and limitations, but I still request the PIA management and government high-ups to look into the matter and make it easy for pensioners.
Lt (r) Talat Mahmood, Rawalpindi

PIA pensioners facing "Ocean of difficulties": Column 
by G.N.Mughal in leading Urdu daily Jang 
(July 21, 2017)

پی آئی اے پیںشںرز کیلئے مشکلات کا سمںدر
جںگ ۲۱ جولائی ۲۰۱۷ میں جی این مغل کا کالم

We welcome suggestions:
We welcome suggestions to improve our website: Voice of PIA Retirees (VoPR). Please send us email. Thanks in advance.
Refund of PIA tickets - Please be careful
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] All retired employees of PIA are hereby informed that 
as per PIA Refund Cell, the required period to be allowed for refund of PIA tickets is only 13 or 14 months from the date of the issue of the tickets. After the expiry of the period, refund of PIA tickets will not be allowed.

Complaints against PIA Pension Cell, PIA HO, KHI
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] Some complaints have received from PIA retired
employees against PIA Pension Cell, PIA Head office, Karachi Airport (Phone No. 021- 99044228) 
for not attending their calls generally. 

However, in rare case. if they the attend the calls and they are obviously hesitant to provide
required information to the PIA retired employees like undue delays in delivery of pensions etc. On
the contrary, they are initially trying to discontinue the calls without giving required information, 
as soon as possible. However, their attitude has remained indecent towards the callers who are
also senior citizens.

For PIA Retirees, completed 10-year period or more
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] All those who completed 10 years or more of their retirement from PIA services, irrespective of their age limits, are hereby requested by PIAREA 
to submitted their "Prescribed Forms" signed on by concerned retirees & also endorsement by 
any PIA Officers or Grade 17 Govt. officers & submit to the Pension Department, PIA Head Office, Karachi Airport after EVERY 03 MONTHS declaring that "They are alive." Please also submit 
photo-copies of PIA Retired Cards & CNICs along with required Forms. For further information, 
please contact to PIA Pension Cell: (+9221) 99044228 OR PIAREA Office: (+9221) 99045646
Pensioner's Form: To be submitted after every 03 months
DGM - PIA PENSION                                                      Date:_________________


This is to certify that Mr / Mrs______________________________ P. No__________
is alive. Please release his / her pension.


__________________________ ____                                    __________________________________________
Attested / Certified (By Name Stamp)                           PENSIONER'S SIGNATURE OR THUMB IMPRESSION



CNIC NO (PENSIONER) __________________________________PHONE / MOBILE NO_____________________


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طیاره سفید رںگ کا کیوں ھوتا ہے؟

طیارے کا عملہ اپنے ہاتھ پیچھے کیوں رکھتا ہے

طیارے کی کھڑکیوں میں ننھا سوراخ کیوں ہوتا ہے؟

طیارے کی فوڈ ٹرے کے نیچے ھوک کیوں ہوتا ہے؟

اکثر طیاروں میں نیلے رںگ کی نشستیں کیوں ہوتی ہیں؟

    ہوائی سفر کے دوراں، کان کیوں بںد ہوجاتے

مزید معلومات کے لئے، یھاں کلک کریں

CEO, PIA violates his promise 
twice to enhance

KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] The chief Executive 
of PIA (now ex-CEO who was German national) who had promised to enhance PIA Pensions after getting approval from the PIA Board of
Directors in the month of December, 2016, had violated his promise twice. 

The two meetings of the Board of Directors (BoD) were held in December, 2016 and January 2017 but strangely the matter of enhancing PIA pensions was not included in the Agenda of the both meetings (BoD) despite PIA's C.E.O's categorical promise.

Senate Committee on PIA, assures PIAREA delegation to resolve genuine grievances of PIA retired employees
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association
(PIAREA) (Registered) headed by its chairman Mr Tahir Chiefy met the members of the Senate Committee on PIA at PIA Head Office here recently and explained them numerous problems which
PIA's retired employees are facing since long. They also drew their attentions to the unsuitable attitude of the PIA Management who seems unwilling to fulfill their promises.

The Senators agreed to genuine the problems of PIA retirees and assured them to strongly recommend their case to the PIA management to resolve their grievances at the earliest.
Grievances of PIA Retired employees through media
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] Three leading English dailies Dawn , The Daily Times 
& Pakistan Observer printed letters to the editors by Mohammad Khan Sial. First two letters were printed on on January 06, 2017 while third one on January 08, 2017 regarding PIA pensions, as under:-

PIA pensioners
Dawn/ Friday, January 06, 2017

MAJOR issues affecting PIA retirees have yet to be given priority and resolved, in particular, the 
need to substantially increase pensions.

Such an increase would not affect PIA’s revenues, as the funds would come from the Pension Trust Fund.

A delegation from the PIA Retired Employees Association met PIA’s CEO recently to discuss these issues.

The CEO assured the delegation that these issues, particularly increasing pensions, would be
addressed at the coming meeting of the PIA’s board of directors.

However, it was strange to note that this issue was not brought up at the meeting.

PIA’s circular No. 21/2003 states that PIA pensions are to be increased accordingly whenever employees’ salaries increase.

However, the management has failed to implement this. In the last 12 years, PIA’s first and last pension increase was made effective as of April 1, 2013.

The increase was utterly insufficient to live on, considering the already meagre amount pensioners receive.

PIA retirees should at once be given their legal rights, including adequate increase in their pensions,
to face high inflation.

Mohammad Khan Sial
Public Relations Secretary, PIA Retired Employees Association Karachi

Published in Dawn, January 6, 2017

PIA pensioners' problems
The Daily Times / Friday, January 06, 2017

Sir: The major issues of the retired employees of the PIA that are yet to be resolved on a priority
basis include substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount and restoration 
of the 50 percent amount of commuted portion of pensions to those who have completed 10 years 
of their retirement. Needless to mention, if PIA increases pensions substantially, it would not affect
its revenues as that increase will come from the readily available Pension Trust Fund.

Meanwhile, a delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) met the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA and discussed with him the genuine problems of retired PIA employees. 

The CEO assured the delegation members to resolve their problems soon after getting approval in 
the PIA Board of Directors meeting. However, it was strange to note the Board’s meeting held
recently but the said case was not presented in the meeting despite CEO’s categorical promise.

During the last 12 years, PIA’s first and last increase in pensions was made effective from April 1, 2013. That was an insufficient increase considering the meagre amount of the pensions, which are 
not enough to even pay a normal single utility bill of a family. PIA’s Circular No. 21/2003 dated 
July 31, 2003 says whenever salaries of PIA employees are increased, the PIA pension would also 
be increased accordingly but sorry to say PIA management did not implement its own Circular so far.

Further, the discrimination that retirees have faced and the way their lawful rights have been 
denied to them by the airline’s management must change. PIA retirees should be given their legal rights on a priority basis, including sufficient increase in their meagre pensions to face high inflation, without further waste of time.

NOTE: The Pakistan Observer also printed letter of Mr Sial on January 08, 2017 on the subject.

Take mercy on PIA's old men, letter in Pak Observer
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A leading English daily Pakistan Observer has printed 
letter to the editor on December 11, 2015 which reads as under:-

Mohammad Khan Sial
Friday, December 11, 2015 - The old men of PIA (Retired employees) who due to their hectic 
and untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines of the world in the past, are presently facing financial difficulties after their retirement due to meagre amount of their monthly pension 
that is insufficient to pay even monthly utility bills of their houses.

The various delegations of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) met various Chairmen / Managing Directors of PIA from time to time requesting them to  enhance pension and
that it would not be a burden on PIA because pension would be made from PIA Pension Trust Fund. Sorry to say no Chairman / Managing Director has fulfilled his promise to resolve problems of PIA’s retired employees. 

The main issues of the PIA Retired employees include substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 per cent commuted amount 
of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirements and to ensure minimum
pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA Retired employees, I once again appeal to Chairman / Managing Director, PIA to enhance pension of retired employees substantially and take personal interest to resolve their other genuine problems also.— Karachi

Take Mercy on Pensioners [PIA]
KARACHI: December 06, 2015 [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A leading English daily Daily Times 
has printed a letter to the editor by Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi dated December 06, 2015
headlined: Take mercy on pensioners". The letters reads as under:-

Sir: The retired employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), who due to their hectic and untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines of the world in the past, are presently facing
financial difficulties after their retirement due to meagre amount of their monthly pension that is insufficient to pay even monthly utility bills of their house.

A number of delegations of the PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) met 
various chairmen/managing directors of PIA from time to time requesting them to enhance 
sufficient amount in their pension as it would be not a burden on PIA because pension would be 
made from the PIA Pension Trust Fund. Sorry to say that no chairman/ managing director has 
fulfilled his promise to resolve the problems of PIA retired employees.

The main issues of retired employees include; a substantial increase in pensions, payment of 
group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of 
pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirements in addition to ensuring 
minimum pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA retired employees, I once again appeal to the incumbent chairman/managing 
director of PIA to enhance pension of retired employees and take personal interest to resolve
their other genuine problems. 


PIA Pensioners' appeal: Letter in Dawn
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] A leading English daily Dawn has printed Letter to the 
editor headlined: PIA Pensioners' appeal dated December 04, 2015 by Mohammad Khan Sial. The 
letter read as under: 

PIA pensioners’ appeal
DAWN, Dec 04, 2015

PIA’s retired employees who had through their untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines 
of the world in the past are now facing financial difficulties after their retirement because of the meagre amount of their monthly pension, which is insufficient to pay even a monthly utility bill of 
their house.

The various delegations of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) met various chairmen / managing  directors of PIA from time to time, requesting them to raise adequately the PIA pension amount which would be not burden on PIA because pension would be made from the PIA Pension
Trust Fund, separately. 

It is unfortunate that no chairman/managing director has fulfilled his promise to resolve the 
problem of retired PIA employees.

The main issues of PIA’s retired employees include a substantial increase in pensions, payment 
of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50pc commuted amount of pensions 
to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement in addition to ensuring the minimum
pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA retired employees, I once again appeal to the PIA chairman/managing director 
to increase the pension of retired employees sufficiently and take personal interest to resolve 
their other genuine problems also.

Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi
Published in Dawn, December 4th, 2015

Despite PIA's Chairman's promise, Retired employees' 
problems after passing 08 months, are still unresolved

KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] A delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association 
(PIAREA) (Registered) comprising of Tahir Hasan Chiefy (President), Lateef Siddiqui (Senior Voice President), Yunus Kaka-Khail (General Secretary), Chaudhry Mohammad Azam (Organizing Secretary) & Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizor) headed by Zulfikar Ali, Chairman, PIAREA called on Chairman, PIAC Nasir S Jaffer at PIA Head Office, Karachi. Director HR Rasheed Ahmed was also present on the occasion.

The members of the delegation congratulated the Chairman, PIA on his new assignment and 
offered him of their full support for the benefit of the national carrier. The delegation apprised 
Chairman of numerous problems / difficulties, the PIA Retired Employees are facing since long. 
They suggested to rationalize the pension of Retired Employees. They also stated governmental organizations are paying at least Rs 6000/- pension per month whereas in PIA, any Retired Officer generally draws only Rs 4000 - 5000  pension per month.

They also pointed out if pension of Retired Employees is increased considerably, it would not
financially affect PIA as it would be paid from PIA Pension Trust Fund that works separately. 

The members of the delegation also demanded resolving genuine issues of Commuted Pension, accelerating work on PIA Foundation, returning of income tax amount already deducted from 
those who had voluntarily adopted Golden Handshake offered to them. refunding of Group
Insurance, extending medical facilities to children & parents of retirees, allowing to issue PIA
tickets in emergency, withdrawing 
recently imposed Federal Excise Duty / Tax besides already applicable Airport Tax on Retirees' tickets, constructing Medical Centre etc.,

The Chairman listened the problems of the retirees patiently and assured the delegation members 
to take steps whatsoever possible for their benefits. He also directed Director HR, Rashid Ahmed 
to prepare valid & solid proposals for the benefits of Retired Employees by giving priority to the pension issue.

The Voice Of PIA Retirees (VoPR) have noted that a period of more than 8 months have so far 
passed but the Retired Employees of PIA are still waiting to get resolved their genuine problems 
by PIA Management, as promised by the Chairman 8 months ago. They have once again, appealed 
to Chairman, PIAC to personally intervene into the matter and ensure that PIA's Retired Employees' problems / grievances are resolved on priority basis.

Problems of PIA Pensioners, Letter of Mohammad Khan Sial 
printed in Daily Jehan Pakistan dated November 02, 2015


              Looking after your pensioners [PIA]
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report]
A leading English daily "The Daily Times" has printed letter to the editor by Mohammad Khan Sial headlined: Looking after your pensioners" 
dated August 26, 2015.

The Letter reads 
as under:-

Sir: On behalf of PIA’s retired employees, I would like to draw the attention of the federal
government as well as PIA’s board of directors towards the outstanding issues faced by 
PIA’s retired employees. Despite repeated efforts, no one seems ready to help them. If PIA’s management increases the prevailing meagre amount of pensions substantially, it would not affect PIA’s revenues as it would be increased from the readily available pension trust fund. Therefore, there seems to be no justification for using delaying tactics in the increase of pensions. Nonetheless, the policy of denying retired employees their legal rights on the part of the PIA management should now be abandoned. It may be pointed out that the increase in pensions of PIA retirees/widows was granted only once during the past 10 years, which was still insufficient in view of the meagre amount of the original pensions, which is not enough to even pay a single utility bill for a family.


The main issues of PIA’s retired employees include increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement in addition to ensuring 
the payment of minimum pension already fixed by the government.



PIAREA continuously fighting for restoration of rights 
of PIA retired employees for the last many years

PIA Retirees' 
Meet your old 
colleagues  here
Yes, you can meet your old colleagues / friends here. I am
in process of compiling a comprehensive list of PIA Retired employees who are now in thousands and living in various parts of the world so that Retirees can contact each other and remember old and golden days spent in PIA.

Can you add to the list? This is part of my small efforts to prepare a comprehensive list. This is only beginning, however, I would be thankful to you for additions, omissions, amendments & corrections. 

Suggestions are also welcome. Mohammad Khan Sial, E-mail: 
[email protected] 
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Please write to us, we have created a separate page for this purpose. Retired as well as Serving employees may participate.

To start with, I am writing my own interesting experience in PIA, 
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Phone No. PIA Pension Cell at Head Office, Karachi is: 0092-21-99044228 (Direct) OR PIA Telephone Exchange No. 0091-21-990440000 Ext. 44228.

PIAREA (PIA Retired Employees Association) (Registered), PIA Head Office Near Store & Purchase Dept. Bldg. Karachi Airport.

Phone Nos. of PIAREA: 0092-21-99045646 (Direct) OR 
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PIA management must resolve long outstanding
problems of PIA Retired employees 

KARACHI: March 24, 2014: leading English dailies of Pakistan have recently printed letters to the editors written by Mohammad Khan Sial highlighting various problems of PIA retirees. The letters 
read as under:

 The retired of PIA
The News / Monday, March 24, 2014 

The outstanding issues of PIA's retired employees include pensions, payment of group insurance amounts and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of pension to those who have
completed 10 years of their retirement. Needless to mention here that if PIA increased pensions substantially, it would not affect PIA revenues as it would be increased from the readily available Pension Trust Fund.

The policy of denying the retired employees of PIA their legal rights on the part of the PIA 
management should now be changed.

Mohammad Khan Sial, 

 Problems facing PIA retirees
The Express Tribune / Saturday, March 22, 2014

KARACHI: The outstanding issues of PIA’s retired employees, with special emphasis on a substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 per cent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement, 
are major issues of the retired employees of the national carrier that are yet to be resolved on 
a priority basis. Needless to mention, if PIA increases pensions substantially, it would not affect its revenues as that increase will come from the readily available Pension Trust Fund.

PIA’s last increase in pensions was effective from April 1, 2013. That was an insufficient increase considering the meagre amounts of the pensions, which are not enough to even pay a single utility 
bill of a family. 

Earlier, increase in pensions of PIA retirees/widows was granted only once during the past 10 
years. Further, the discrimination that retirees have faced and the way their lawful rights have 
been denied to them by the airline’s management must change. PIA retirees should be given their
legal rights on a priority basis, including a handsome increase in their pensions without further 
waste of time.

Mohammad Khan Sial
Published in The Express Tribune, March 22nd, 2014.

Issues of PIA retirees  
The Pakistan Observer / Sunday, March 23, 2014.

Mohammad Khan Sial 
Sunday, March 23, 2014 - The outstanding issues of PIA’s retired employees with special emphasis 
on substantial increase on pension, payment of
Group Insurance
 amount on the maturity and restoration of the 50 per cent commuted amount of pension to those who have completed 10 years
of their retirement, are major issues of retired employees of PIA and need to be resolved on priority basis. 

Needless to mention here if PIA increases pension substantially, it would not affect PIA revenues 
as it would be disbursed from readily available Pension
Trust Fund.
Nevertheless, PIA had increased pension last time effective from April 01, 2013; it was an 
insufficient increase in prevailing meagre amount of pension that is not sufficient even to pay single
utility bill
 of a home. Earlier, increase in the pension of PIA retirees / widows was granted 
only once during past 10 years.

Further, the attitude of discrimination and of denying the lawful rights of the retired employees of 
PIA on part of PIA management should be changed by now and PIA
 Retirees should be given their legal rights on priority basis including handsome increase in PIA pension
 without further wastage 
of time. 


Injustices to PIA retirees continue
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] Dawn has printed letter to the editor headlined 
"PIA retirees' plea" dated February 04, 2017 that reads as under:

"I WOULD like to draw the government’s attention towards the injustice to PIA’s retirees.
The national airline gives its employees 32pc of their salary as pension, but the formula was
calculated on their basic pays. This is unjust. All other governmental organisations give their
retired employees 50pc of their salaries as pensions.

This was also in practice at Pakistan International Airlines till the end of 2003. Now, the management should review the issue.

The retirees have been demanding for a long time that the airline should either give them 50pc
pension on the basic pay or relate the 32pc pension to their total salaries.

There was only a one-time increase in pensions and that was in 2013. Also, the management should increase the retirees’ pension according to its circular No 21 issued on July 21, 2003.

The circular clearly mentioned as follows: “In future revision or suitable increase in pension shall 
be linked with salary revision of serving employees.”

Last July the airline increased the salaries of its employees twice, but no increase in pensions was made. The management should increase the pensions with the same ratio." BA, Karachi.

New Rescue Operation

By: Dr S Mir Mohammad Shah / The News, January 08, 2018

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) suspended its services to United States from October 30, 2017,
a move towards further shrinking the network of the national flag carrier and surrendering well established strategic assets, routes and destinations.

In case PIA is not able to restore its operation within a couple of months, the airline will lose the facility of landing at one of the prime airports, New York’s JFK airport and will never be able to get
this again. PIA is closing its operation at a time, when the marketplace is full of opportunities; neighbouring countries’ airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Turkish, Kuwait and Saudi are progressively increasing their flights, they have now more than 200 weekly flights. Emirates has five flights,
Turkish three, Etihad and Qatar have two flights per day from New York.

The action of discontinuation of operation has been taken in the middle of peak season, disturbing travel plans of about 3,500 passengers with conformed seats on PIA. For accommodating these passengers on other carriers, the airline will have to absorb cost of more than $1.7 million.

As the action of closure of services, a major policy decision was taken in haste even without
approval of the board of directors, the airline is legally liable to make payments of about $3.3 million
to several agencies, including airport authorities and several service providers. Furthermore, as per contractual obligations, PIA is liable to pay around $450,000 to hotels used for accommodation of
crew and to those employees who had been laid off. All those cash guarantees of travel agents
(about $300,000) must also be returned as well as credit line of bank amounting $1.5 million will
have to be frozen. Besides this material loss, the decision of suspension of operation has severely damaged the image of the airline and the Pakistani flag will be removed from US airports.

PIA has one of the best bilateral service agreements with United States; the airline has an open permission to operate to any city of US with any number of frequencies. The airline started its operation about 58 years back in the year 1960.

The US is the largest and ever-increasing marketplace in the aviation industry, about 25.4 percent
of tickets issued globally are sold here and the country generates around 35.5 percent of total worldwide revenue passenger kilometres (RPKS).

Pakistanis are the second fastest growing group of immigrants in US. At present there are more
than 600,000 immigrants and cases of many Pakistanis are in the process. Besides, there are more than 275,000 Pakistani Americans living around New York / New Jersey. As per an estimate,
around 28 percent of Pakistanis living in US travel to Pakistan each year. More than 100,000
Pakistanis come to US on non-immigrant visas every year. This means PIA has a potential of
operating more than two flights per day from US to transport Pakistanis.

Share of PIA in transportation of the international traffic, the critical source of earning, from
seventies has now reduced to only 25 percent. Instead of following universally accepted policy of reciprocity and bilateralism, “open sky policy” is being followed and flights are being allowed to
 foreign carriers. Instead of PIA, other airlines are now carrying Pakistani traffic to foreign countries through transiting in their countries. As per airline industry estimates, giving one flight to foreign airline costs more than 800 jobs.

Countries like US, the one which introduced the concept of Open Skies in the year 1992, have now realised that the policy was misconceived at the time of its introduction. Therefore, it is being pressurised to reopen air service agreements with different countries, especially those from the
Gulf, and meanwhile to freeze new passenger services.

European Union is also against open sky policy and is considering measures to protect the interests
of their carriers. Government of Canada has come out with a slogan: “Fair Skies rather than Open Skies”. Each agreement is finalised after evaluating risks and benefits.

One of the main causes of deterioration of PIA, the one which is hardly being highlighted in the debate of the national carrier’s performance, is the inappropriate use of information technology by the airline.

PIA used to be recognised as a leader in the field of computerisation of the airline systems. Indeed, during eighties and nineties, computer systems of PIA were superior to most of the airlines, including India, the country which is now claiming to be the “it super power” of the world.

PIA Information Technology staff was not only used to design, develop and operate computer
systems for its own use, but the airline used to export software and services to several foreign airlines. Many computer experts trained by PIA are still working overseas on senior managerial positions, including in the United States. Unfortunately, due to wrong policies of rulers with
suspicious motives, infrastructure of Information System Department of the airline has been
uprooted and now there are hardly any software development skills available.

The problems of leakages of revenues and financial indiscipline in the airline have been progressively on the rise since the time PIA started using foreign computer systems. It replaced its own
indigenous systems, designed and developed according to the specific environment of the airline.
The airline is not only bearing the huge and avoidable unnecessary costs but since most of the computer systems have infected every organ of the airline, the method has given rise to corruption
at various levels. Lack of inbuilt essential controls and absence of required features necessary
for our environment, the systems are open to manipulations and have encouraged frauds and forgeries.

The airline products are being sold to designated markets/customers much below the market price, the seats are blocked and not offered for sales in the hope they will be used by the preferred customers. Instead of using automated computer systems for sale of seats and adjustment of the inventory in different classes based upon demand in the market dynamically, decisions are normally taken by a team in head office manually. Therefore, leaving aircrafts with empty seats is a common phenomenon. Available systems and procedure for post flight analyses are not used to reprimand
staff and agents responsible for leakages of revenues.

Budget of PIA at a time when it was using its own systems used to be only a small portion of the
total budget, now cost of operating foreign computer systems runs into millions of dollars. The contracts/agreements of several systems are structured in such a way that they only favour the vendors. There are cases where in just one year in 2010, cost was increased by 112 percent
without PIA getting any additional advantage. An agreement was signed by PIA involving $64 million by top 12 executives of the airline on the same day without getting approval from the
chairman/board of directors.

PIA is paying heavy costs towards distribution of its product. Instead of direct booking through
own system (Website/APP), most of the sale of PIA is through third party. It costs around 20 times more to book through an intermediary. In the past, travel agents (at one time 550) used to be connected to PIA’s own system and therefore they used to sell on PIA’s system and there was no cost involved. Now all the travel agents of PIA are connected to a distribution company’s computer, where PIA is now paying more than $4.8 million each year.

It is therefore necessary to restore PIA’s operation to US with immediate effect. An in depth
analysis of dimensions of the airline must be carried out by those who are experienced about the dynamics of commercial aviation and have knowledge about the culture of PIA.

There exists a possibility, with appropriate policies and proper controls, that efficiency can be
restored and the airline can become a viable and healthy enterprise.
The writer is former managing director, PIA / The News, January 08, 2018.

PIA Pension Card Form
* Option of getting Pension through Corporate Cheque is also available.
* Below is the Request Form for opting disbursement of Pension through any one of available 
options i.e. PIA Pension Card or Corporate Cheque).
* All concerned are requested to please download print, fill up this form and send it to PIA Manager Pension urgently along with required info / documents for prompt disbursement of your pension OR PIAREA, PIA Head Office, Karachi Airport.


MANAGER – PIA PENSION                                                                                       DATE_________________ 

I, ______________________________________, P. NO.___________, 
(Self/Widow/Widower/beneficiary) hereby opt following way for disbursement of 
my monthly pension. 
PIA Pension Card OR Corporate Cheque to my account 
My particulars are as under:- 
1. P. NO. _________________________________________________ 
2. Full Name _________________________________________________ 
3. Date of Birth _________________________________________________ 
4. CNIC No _________________________________________________ 
5. CNIC Expiry date ______________________________________________ 
6. Full Residential Address ________________________________________ 
7. Mobile/ Phone No _____________________________________________ 
8. Email Address _________________________________________________ 
9. Bank Name ___________________________________________________ 
10. Bank Branch Name _____________________________________________ 
11. Full Conventional Bank Account No _______________________________ 
Copies of my valid CNIC /  PIA retirement card are attached herewith.

(Pensioner/Widow/Widower/Other beneficiary) 

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