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Voice of PIA Retirees

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This Is An Informal Website Created, Designed & Maintained Honorary By: Mohammad Khan Sial Since Aug 05, 20100

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Dated: April 20
, 2014

PIAREA Organization
Name Cell No. Residence No.
Founder/Chief Organizer Muhammad Aslam Aasi (+92)321-897-1074 N/A
Chairman Zulfikar Ali (+92)300-293-5918 N/A
President Tahir Hasan Chiefy (+92)333-239-9013 N/A
Senior Vice President Lateef Siddiqui (+92)300-828-5750 N/A
Vice President Aslam Malik (+92)322-259-7159  (+92)21-3450-7715
Vice President Syed Kamaluddin (+92)313-264-3260 (+92)21-3483-8752
Vice President (Admin) S.M. Ismail Naqvi (+92)321-230-1995 N/A
Vice President (Co-ord.) Tariq Qureshi  (+92)323-270-0423 (+92)21-3469-4559
Vice President (Flt Srv) Ahsan Ghazi (+92)300-928-7621 (+92)21-9924-3810
Secretary General  Yunas Kakakhel (+92)321-925-9669 (+92)21-3490-0328
Organizing Secretary Abdul Hayee Khan (+92)321-384-7793 (+92)21-3440-6621
Finance Secretary  Raja M. Javed (+92)322-271-0681  (+92)21-3416-1440
Coordination Secretary Chaudhry Afrasiab (+92)333-385-8583 (+92)21-3459-0991
Public Rel. Secretary Mohammad  Khan Sial (+92)323-268-4416  N/A
Welfare Secretary  Ch  Muhammad Yusaf (+92)332-364-3004 (+92)21-3449-0786
Secretary Legal Affairs Qamarul Hasan (+92)334-387-8060 (+92)21-3403-0386
President Raja Saeed Ahmed     (+92)321-582-6382  (+92)51-573-0797
General Secretary Raja Ghulam Jillani  (+92)334-850-4678 (+92)51-557-1001
President Jamshed Malhi  (+92)300-849-1950 (+92)42-3574-1895
General Secretary      
President Fazal Hussain  (+92)334-9020654  
General Secretary Faizullah Khan (+92)300-5982728  
President Shafiuddin Qureshi    (+92)300-634-2820    (+92)61-677-0400
General Secretary Karim Bakhsh  (+92)342-703-2300 (+92)61-458-7014
President Muhammad Shafiq (+92)333-652-3540 (+92)41-871-1809
General Secretary Muhammad Ashraf (+92)301-711-6546      (+92)41-920-0546
President Saiful Haq   (+92)333-513-2244  (+92)81-284-3088
General Secretary G.M. Baloch (+92)300-383-3115 (+92)81-282-7557
President Sardar Ahmed Khan (+92)331-610-0041 (+92)64-926-0433
General Secretary Hashmatula Shah (+92)345-722-3300 (+92)64-926-0439
President Iftikhar Ansari  (+92)300-610-4269      (+92)52-355-9082
General Secretary Abdul Qudus Siddiqui (+92)321-4470199   
President Asmat Javed (+92)300-640-5617 (+92)55-429-1410
General Secretary Bashirudin Mehmud (+92)333-581-6370 (+92)54-462-4544
President Hidayatullah Khan  (+92)300-295-7565   N/A
NOTE: Above List is being
revised & will be uploaded soon - ed.

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M K Sial
Mohammad Khan Sial,
Manager Marketing / PRO, PIA (Retired), 

http://piarea.webs.com OR www.freewebs.com/piarea
Personal Website:
http://sialtravel.webs.com OR www.freewebs.com/sialtravel 

Mr. Mohammad Khan Sial joined PIA in Feb.1977 in Pay Group VI as PRO bringing with him rich experience of Radio Pakistan News, PTV News & various Newspapers. In April 1995, he was transferred from Public Affairs Dept. to Marketing Dept. and had worked in Sales Development, Tours Promotion & later Economic Planning. Also worked as Pax Sales Manager, PIA, Quetta (1998-1999), District Manager, PIA, Bahawalpur (2000 year) & Country Manager for Afghanistan, PIA at Kabul (2005) where he had worked as one-man show in highly difficult / volatile conditions for PIA by putting his life multiple times at high risk during the year.

In those days, PIA office, official Bank Account & PIA official Transport did not exist in Kabul. Nevertheless,
PIA was operating three weekly flights from Islamabad (total six weekly flights). The overall conditions were extremely against Pakistan as well as PIA because Pakistan's opponent group "North Alliance" was in power in Afghanistan. After passing a period of almost seven years, Mr. Sial is still striving hard to get back
his arrears / dues in full, the amount he had spent on PIA during his eight months posting at Kabul. Nonetheless,
he was retired under "57 - Scheme" effective January 01, 2007.

Mr. Sial visited many countries of the world. His memorable journey was his first ever visit abroad:
"Around the Globe in 30 days" that he performed alone. He had written about 40 articles in PIA's Urdu
house-journal "Falak Parwaz" (now defunct) and also worked as its editor for some time besides writing articles in PIA's English house-journal "Top Flight". He is an author of four Sindhi books whereas two books based on his memoirs and current affairs articles are under print.

He had earned dozens of appreciation letters whereas no adverse letter was on his personal file during his
long carrier with PIA. Mr Sial is LL.B, M.A (International Relations), M.A (Political Science) & M.A (Sindhi).

He has written more than 1,000 letters on numerous social topics in various English dailies.

Mr Sial is married with five children (four sons, one daughter). His personal website is:
http://www.freewebs.com/sialtravel OR www.sialtravel.webs.com

He has created this informal website for the welfare of Retired PIA employees on April 05, 2010 and maintains it since its inception honorary. The address of website is: http://www.freewebs.com/piarea OR http://www.piarea.webs.com 
Last updated: April 20
, 2014.