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New PIA Action Committee vows to continue protest
KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) joint action committee on Saturday (Dec 19) vowed to continue its protest until the presidential ordinance aimed at privatizing the national carrier is not withdrawn, ARY News reported.

According to details, a meeting of the PIA joint action committee presided by chairman Captain Sohail Baloch in Karachi today held a detailed exchange of views on meeting with prime minister, privatization move and PIA Corporation Conversion Ordinance.

The committee said that the press release issued yesterday by the Aviation Division is different from what was agreed in the joint action committee’s meeting with the premier and termed it a violation of assurances given by the prime minister.

The meeting said it seems as if the Aviation Division wants to destroy peace within the national flag carrier. The PIA joint action committee vowed to continue its countrywide protest and warned that its peaceful stance should not be misunderstood as its weakness.

On the occasion, employees said the PIA is a national asset and foundation of Pakistan’s ideology and promised not to let the institution be sold out.
(Courtesy: GEO TV, Dec 19, 2015).

Dubai fines PIA for allowing female passenger to travel on male passport
LAHORE/DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) immigration authorities in Dubai have fined the national carrier Pakistan International Airlines AED 5000 for allowing a female passenger to travel on a male passport.

According to sources, a female passenger Ms. Siddique (first name withheld) traveled on PIA’s flight PK203 to Dubai on the 16th of December using a British Passport. Authorities in the UAE sent the passenger back to Pakistan via the very next flight after it was discovered she had traveled on someone else’s passport.Sources claim the passenger herself is a British Passport holder and accidentally had her son’s passport when she arrived at the Allama Iqbal Airport for her flight to UAE accompanying her husband.

It raises the question how immigration authorities in Lahore allowed a female to travel on male passport and an internal inquiry has been launched against PIA staff for issuing a boarding card to the female passenger when she did not have the required travel documents.
(Courtesy: GEO TV, Dec 19, 2015).

Prime Minister forms committee on PIA Workers' demand
LAHORE: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has agreed to review the decision of making Pakistan International Airlines a company and constituted a committee comprising members from Joint Action Committee of the PIA Employees (JACPIAE) and top management of the Airline to finalise recommendations in this regard, The News has learnt.

Accompanied by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Special Assistant to PM on Aviation Shujat Azeem and PIA Chairman Nasser Jaffer, the PM listened to the concerns of the JACPIAE members at a meeting on Thursday (Dec 17).

The Joint Action Committee was represented by PIA CBA President Shamim Akmal, head of People’s Unity Hidayatulla Khan, general secretary and former airline employee Captain Sohail Ahmed, former president PALPA Sohail Baloch, PIA Officers Association President Dr Imran, Officers Association
General Secretary Safdar Anjum, CBA General Secretary Nasir Janjua and Society of Aircraft Engineers Pakistan Vice President Zakir Farooq.

The committee members apprised the PM about the insecurity and suspicions of the Airline employees after issuance of the ordinance, which converted the PIA into a company. The representatives argued that it would not serve the interests of the Airline and thus needed to be undone. They apprised the
PM about growing job insecurity among the employees and the feared privatisation of the Airline.
Sources privy to the meeting, quoting the PM as having said, told The News that the aim of the ordinance was not to privatise the PIA, but to make it a profit-making organisation. The PM said he loved the national carrier, appreciated its recent efforts and wanted it revived, and he was open to
any workable solution that could deliver.

Ishaq Dar, however, said the decision could not be reversed as many modalities had already been completed, added the sources. The minister was also rather clear about privatisation of the Airline, saying he did not see a major turnaround in the PIA’s situation unless a ‘strategic partner’ was coupled to it. However, he made it clear that the ‘strategic partner’ would only handle the core operations of the Airline. The core operations include flight operations, finances, human resources and marketing.
On the other hand, the premier said he would not have even sold 26 per cent of the Airline shares had he found an in-house solution, offering a clear roadmap about the revival of the Airline. The PM said his vision of the PIA was of an Airline having a fleet of 70-75 aircraft, which should have a dynamic business plan to utilise that fleet for generating good revenue and steering the Airline out of the financial crisis.
The Joint Action Committee representatives told the PM the hurdle to a major financial turnaround was certain policies which had outlived their time and needed major changes. The committee formed by the PM would consist of the PIA top management including Special Assistant to PM on Aviation Shujat Azeem, PIA Chairman Nasser Jaffer, Secretary Aviation Irfan Elahi and a member from the PIA Finance Department.

The JACPIAE would be represented by Shamim Akmal, Hidayatulla Khan, Captain Sohail Ahmed, Sohail Baloch, Dr Imran, Safdar Anjum, Nasir Janjua and Zakir Farooq.

The committee will present its recommendations to the prime minister in two weeks time. No further steps regarding the PIA privatisation would be taken until the recommendations of the committee are received and discussed.
(Courtesy: The News, Dec 18, 2015).

Meanwhile, as per Dawn News TV, Shamim Akmal said PIA Workers' protest has come to end. During meeting, Prime Minister was opposing privitization of PIA whereas Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was favouring its privitization.

Govt refuses to withdraw PIA ordinance, Protest against privatization to continue
KARACHI: December 12, 2015 [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] The govt. has refused to withdraw PIA ordinance during talks. Consequently, Joint Action Committee has decided to continue its protest.

Take mercy on PIA's old men, letter in Pak Observer
KARACHI: [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A leading English daily Pakistan Observer has printed letter to the editor on December 11, 2015 which reads as under:-

Take mercy on PIA's old man
The Pakistan Observer / Friday, December 11, 2015

Mohammad Khan Sial
Friday, December 11, 2015 - The old men of PIA (Retired employees) who due to their hectic and untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines of the world in the past, are presently facing financial difficulties after their retirement due to meagre amount of their monthly pension that is insufficient to pay even monthly utility bills of their houses.

The various delegations of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) met various Chairmen / Managing Directors of PIA from time to time requesting them to enhance pension and that it would not be a burden on PIA because pension would be made from PIA Pension Trust Fund. Sorry to say no Chairman / Managing Director has fulfilled his promise to resolve problems of PIA’s retired employees. The main issues of the PIA Retired employees include substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 per cent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirements and to ensure minimum pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA Retired employees, I once again appeal to Chairman / Managing Director, PIA to enhance pension of retired employees substantially and take personal interest to resolve their other genuine problems also.— Karachi

New PIA to be sold by July next year
KARACHI: December 08, 2015 [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] The federal minister for privatization Mohammad Zubair while talking to AFP - French News Agency said PIA to be sold out by July next year - BBC Urdu.

Miss Mantsha Aamir daughter of Aamir Sial
Sad demise
KARACHI: Over 2-year old female baby Mantsha Aamir Sial and only grand daughter of Mohammad Khan Sial (Editor, Voice of PIA Retirees [], Press Secretary PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) & Retired Manager Marketing, PIA) passed away at Aga Khan Hospital on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015 early morning after brief illness. She lived only
786 days in this world. [[email protected] Cell: +92-323 2684416].

New Protest demonstration against PIA's privatization
KARACHI: December 07, 2015 [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A largely attended protest demonstration against PIA's proposed privatization held at PIA Head Office on Monday, December 07, 2015.

The members of PIA's various employees Organizations & Associations including Air League (CBA) headed by Shamim Akmal participated in protest which was largely attended by their members. Mr Akmal in his speech informed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had assured their delegation that PIA's privatization would not be made but suddenly such decision has been taken without taking employees into confidence. He said PIA is already earning operating profit and the number of its aircraft has also been increased from 16 to 36, there was no justification to issue Ordinance in this regard. Therefore, privatization is not accepted to them. The members of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA - Registered) also attended the demonstration.

Meanwhile, 2-hours boycott was observed by PIA employees at various Airports resulting in delays of various PIA flights. Next day, the protest of PIA employees also continued.

Opposition parties in National Assembly also observed boycott against proposed privatization of PIA.

New  Take Mercy on Pensioners [PIA]
KARACHI: December 06, 2015 [Voice Of PIA Retirees' Report] A leading English daily Daily Times has printed a letter to the editor by Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi dated December 06, 2015 headlined: Take mercy on pensioners". The letters reads as under:-

Sir: The retired employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), who due to their hectic and untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines of the world in the past, are presently facing financial difficulties after their retirement due to meagre amount of their monthly pension that is insufficient to pay even monthly utility bills of their house.

A number of delegations of the PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) met various chairmen/managing directors of PIA from time to time requesting them to enhance sufficient amount in their pension as it would be not a burden on PIA because pension would be made from the PIA Pension Trust Fund. Sorry to say that no chairman/ managing director has fulfilled his promise to resolve the problems of PIA retired employees.

The main issues of retired employees include; a substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirements in addition to ensuring minimum pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA retired employees, I once again appeal to the incumbent chairman/managing director of PIA to enhance pension of retired employees and take personal interest to resolve their other genuine problems. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi

New PIA Pensioners' appeal, letter in Dawn
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] A leading English daily Dawn has printed Letter to the editor headlined: PIA Pensioners' appeal dated December 04, 2015 by Mohammad Khan Sial. The letter read as under:

PIA pensioners’ appeal
DAWN, Dec 04, 2015

PIA’s retired employees who had through their untiring efforts made PIA one of the best airlines of the world in the past are now facing financial difficulties after their retirement because of the meagre amount of their monthly pension, which is insufficient to pay even a monthly utility bill of their house.
The various delegations of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) met various chairmen/managing directors of PIA from time to time, requesting them to raise adequately the PIA pension amount which would be not burden on PIA because pension would be made from the PIA Pension Trust Fund, separately. It is unfortunate that no chairman/managing director has fulfilled his promise to resolve the problem of retired PIA employees.

The main issues of PIA’s retired employees include a substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50pc commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement in addition to ensuring the minimum pension already fixed by the government.

On behalf of PIA retired employees, I once again appeal to the PIA chairman/managing director to increase the pension of retired employees sufficiently and take personal interest to resolve their other genuine problems also.

Mohammad Khan Sial, Karachi
Published in Dawn, December 4th, 2015

PIA pilot faces inquiry for allowing Reham Khan into cockpit
LAHORE: The Pakistan International Airlines has initiated an inquiry against its pilot for allowing Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, to sit in the cockpit during her journey to Lahore from London.

“According to initial probe, it has been found that Reham Khan visited the cockpit for a few minutes during flight PK-788 London-Lahore on Thursday,” PIA spokesman Danial Gilani told Dawn. According to the pilot’s statement to the administration, he had ‘entertained’ the request of Reham Khan to sit in the cockpit.

Mr Gilani also confirmed that Ms Reham had expressed her desire to sit in the cockpit, which the pilot could not turn down. “Although it appears a courtesy on the part of the pilot, the PIA cannot ignore the rules,” Mr Gilani said, adding that under the law, unauthorised persons were not allowed into the cockpit.
“The responsibility lies with the pilot not to allow anyone be it a celebrity or anyone else to sit in the cockpit,” he said. “This is against the law and a safety hazard.”

“The PIA management has initiated an inquiry into the matter. It will take appropriate disciplinary action against the pilot in light of the inquiry’s findings,” the spokesman said.

A source told Dawn that the PIA had to launch a formal inquiry after pictures of Reham’s sitting in the cockpit were uploaded on social media. “It was very difficult for the PIA management to ignore this matter after her pictures appeared on social media. All the guns would have been towards the PIA had it not taken action in this regard,” he said.

Interestingly, the PIA officials also accorded Reham Khan a warm welcome at the Lahore airport. Danial Gilani, however, said if someone in PIA had warmly received her at the airport in his or her individual capacity, the management did not mind. Reham Khan could not be reached for her version despite repeated attempts.
(Courtesy: Dawn, December 4th, 2015).

New Bilawal Bhutto opposes PIA privatization
KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Patron-in-Chief Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Monday (Nov. 30)urged poor labourers of the country to join hands and stand united against oppression.
Speaking at a public rally organised to mark the 49th foundation day of PPP in the city’s Malir neighbourhood, he said roti, kapra aur makan (food, clothing and shelter) – a popular chant introduced by founding leader of PPP Zulfikar Ali Bhutto – were still the basic right of the masses.
The PPP chairman also announced opposing privatisation of Steel Mills and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

New PIAREA's Executive Committee meeting held on Dec 02
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] A meeting of Executive Committee of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) held on Wednesday, December 02 At PIAREA Office, Karachi Airport at 1430 Hrs. The agenda included; increase in pension & maintenance of accounts.

New PIA increases age of Airhostesses to 60, Causes
new problems to national airlines: Daily Jang claims
KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] Daily Jang has claimed that PIA has increased age limit of its Airhostesses to 60. Previously it was 45 whereas Emirates and Qatar Airways have the max age of retirement of Airhostesses 30 to 35. Nevertheless, after USA, PIA is the second Airlines of the world that has increased the max age limit to 60. The new decision has created new problems for PIA and now PIA is considering handling old-age passengers to the old-age airhostesses. (Jang, Nov 25, 2015).

PIA has been thrown to wolves: PPP Senator
ISLAMABAD: While opening discussion on his motion on the performance of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Monday, PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar called for inquiry into the reasons behind granting unlimited traffic rights to the Middle Eastern carriers.

He blamed the Middle East (ME) based airlines operating in Pakistan for making PIA a loss-making enterprise just when there is talk of its imminent privatisation. “PIA has been thrown to the wolves, raising serious questions that must be probed,” the senator said.

The losses incurred by the national carrier have often been blamed on overstaffing. “While PIA is certainly overstaffed, its current salary bill of around 17% of the revenue is within the limits of 25% practiced in the industry,” he said. States own the air space over their territory and negotiate commercial aviation treaties keeping in view national interest and fair competition, he said. “All subjects of negotiations have been totally ignored in the case of the three ME airlines,” Babar said.
Giving examples he said that previously Gulf based airline had four weekly flights to Islamabad and Lahore. Now that airline flies 14 weekly flights to Islamabad, besides having been given additional new routes of Sialkot, Faisalabad and Multan, the PPP senator said.

Minister In-charge Sheikh Aftab said that the current government was working to improve the situation. They have acquired some aircraft on dry lease and losses of billions of dollars have been reduced.
(Courtesy: The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2015).

Despite PIA's Chairman's promise, Retired employees'
problems after passing 08 months, are still unresolved

KARACHI: [Voice of PIA Retirees Report] A delegation of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) (Registered) comprising of Tahir Hasan Chiefy (President), Lateef Siddiqui (Senior Voice President), Yunus Kaka-Khail (General Secretary), Chaudhry Mohammad Azam (Organizing Secretary) & Aslam Aasi (Founder & Chief Organizor) headed by Zulfikar Ali, Chairman, PIAREA called on Chairman, PIAC Nasir S Jaffer at PIA Headoffice, Karachi. Director HR Rasheed Ahmed
was also present on the occasion.

The members of the delegation congratulated the Chairman, PIA on his new assignment and
offered him of their full support for the benefit of the national carrier. The delegation apprised Chairman of numerous problems / difficulties, the PIA Retired Employees are facing since long.
They suggested to rationalize the pension of Retired Employees. They also stated  governmental organizations are paying at least Rs 6000/- pension per month whereas in PIA, any Retired Officer generally draws only Rs 4000 - 5000  pension per month.

They also pointed out if pension of Retired Employees is increased considerablly, it would not financially affect PIA as it would be paid from PIA Pension Trust Fund that works separately.

The members of the delegation also demanded resolving genuine issues of Commuted Pension, accelerating work on PIA Foundation, returning of income tax amount already deducted from
those who had voluntarily adopted Golden Handshake offered to them. refunding of Group Insurance, extending medical facilities to children & parents of retirees, allowing to issue PIA tickets in emergency, withdrawing
recently imposed Federal Excise Duty / Tax besides already applicable Airport Tax on Retirees' tickets, constructing Medical Centre etc.,

The Chairman listened the problems of the retirees patiently and assured the delegation members
to take steps whatsoever possible for their benefits. He also directed Director HR, Rashid Ahmed
to prepare valid & solid proposals for the benefits of Retired Employees by giving priority to the pension issue.

The Voice Of PIA Retirees (VOPR) have noted that a period of more than 8 months have so far passed but the Retired Employees of PIA are still waiting to get resolved their genuine problems
by PIA Management, as promised by the Chairman 8 months ago. They have once again, appealed to Chairman, PIAC to personally intervene into the matter and ensure that PIA's Retired Employees' problems / grievances are resolved on priority basis.

CAA grounds three PIA Pilots
LAHORE: Panic gripped pilots’ community when Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) grounded three PIA pilots, asking them to undergo a psycho analysis, said sources in CAA. Sources said, as per the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) rules, psycho analysis of pilots was mandatory
only at the time of induction.

A pilot, on condition of not to be named, said three to four co-pilots appeared before a medical board of CAA and controversial Dr Fahim declared they were not fit for flying. The doctor advised them to visit PNS Masroor, Karachi, for their psycho analysis. It merits mentioning here that PNS Masroor is a naval medical centre where Navy cadets are referred for medical examination at the time of recruitment. A PIA senior officer was of the view that Dr Fahim was controversial while the CAA medical board president has recorded his statement in Sindh High Court that the doctor
forced him to do some illegal things.

Well placed sources in PIA said as per the ICAO rules, a pilot can refuse to fly if he feels fatigued or not well, but here if a pilot does so, he is called by CAA medical board for medical examination and even for psycho analysis. So pilots are flying even in the state of fatigue which is a safety hazard for passengers and masses as well. Another pilot said, “CAA medical board randomly draws blood sample of pilots before flight to examine the presence of alcohol in it, but the report of this test is prepared after three days, which makes no sense.”

One can imagine that in case any pilot has consumed alcohol before flight and he has even gone through a medical examination, he will not be stopped to operate the flight and the test will establish after three days that he was drunk, a pilot lamented. He said airspace of Pakistan has become unsafe since sick pilots are also not reporting sickness to avoid unwanted formalities of the CAA medical board. A pilot said the CAA medical board has rejected four pilots, but one of them has joined Emirates Airlines. It is worth mentioning here that Emirates Airlines conducts medical examination of its pilots for three consecutive days.

The PIA chairman has terminated services of three low-ranking staff members of the airlines who were found involved in attempted drug smuggling case on PK-211 earlier this month. A PIA spokesperson, in a statement issued yesterday, said during the joint investigation of PIA and Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) three low-ranking staff members of PIA had been found guilty in attempted drug smuggling case on PK-211 on November 4. He said that three staffers including one daily wager had also given their confessional statements. Chairman PIA, taking immediate disciplinary action, terminated them from service.

Meanwhile, PIA management has announced cash award for those crew members of PK-211 who reported the presence of narcotics on the flight and saved the country and the airlines from disrepute. In another development, Special Assistant to PM Capt Shujaat Azeem said PIA had increased its flights to Gilgit-Baltistan and was now offering 11 flights per week as per directives of the prime minister Nawaz Sharif. PIA flights now include two daily flights on the sector Islamabad- Gilgit-Islamabad every Friday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday; while one daily flight is operated on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These flights are operated by ATR aircraft.
(The Nation, Nov 20, 2015).
 PIA - PALPA Stand Off - Letter in English Daily
KARACHI: I am a retired PIA employee. During my service with PIA, I closely observed the hegemony of the pilots’ community and the submissive attitude of almost all managements to it, leading to huge losses for PIA and unparalleled benefits for the pilots. The government must take a stand in order to tackle their designs. PIA’s pilots enjoy enormous financial benefits, much more than what the pilots of private airlines enjoy. Yet, their duty time limitations are lower than those of pilots of private airlines. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) follows international safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Accordingly, the CAA has set maximum duty limits for pilots and flying within those limits is safe. Private airlines follow these limits but PIA pilots fly according to limits agreed between the Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) and PIA in the much talked-about working agreement. These maximum limits have been kept low to suit the pilots of the national airline.

PALPA always talks about waivers and concessions that it grants to its employer, PIA. These waivers basically involve extending the duty time limits of PIA pilots from “working agreement limits” to “CAA limits” and are granted by PALPA on routes and flights of its choice. Every now and then, especially during or close to the Hajj season, PALPA withdraws these waivers and twists the arm of the PIA management to squeeze out more benefits for its members. The PIA-PALPA agreement limits the duty time for any one flight to 10 hours. The duty of pilots starts 60 minutes before the flight takes off and ends 30 minutes after it lands. This means blocks-off to blocks-on cannot be over 8.5 hours. This has been agreed to by PIA, knowing well that many flights out of Pakistan take more than 8.5 hours. The PIA management succumbs to PALPA pressure every year and increases financial and other benefits for pilots, only to get blackmailed again the following year. It has never thought of revising the working agreement to bring duty times of pilots in conformity with CAA rules. PIA has the maximum number of pilots per aircraft; yet, it always faces a shortage of pilots due to intentional mismanagement of their deployment. Young pilots are kept blocked at lower equipment (turboprops) so that senior pilots become indispensable and receive maximum flying and overtime.

Previous PIA managements consisted of airline employees, but they were repeatedly deceived by PALPA. The present PIA management, consisting mostly of non-aviation professionals, may not be able to handle the pilots and may end up granting them even more benefits without getting anything in return for PIA. The airline should review all clauses of agreement with PALPA to ensure that it does not get blackmailed by it in the future. Special benefits extended to PALPA’s office-bearers should be withdrawn and except for the position of chief pilot and the director of flight operations, no other administrative position should be assigned to pilots. If the recruitment, training and scheduling is done by the human resource department, the CAA-specified duty time limitations are implemented, career plans are changed for PIA’s benefit by implementing the policy of moving pilots from the right seat to left seat, i.e., from first officer to captain of the same aircraft, PIA will have a surplus of pilots. It is suggested that while negotiating with PALPA, the aviation division should take advice from those who understand the intricacies of past and existing agreements. Rana I Khan
(Courtesy: the Express Tribune - 13th Nov 2015).

Fraudulent credit cards cause PIA loss of USD 56.25 million in year 2012-13
ISLAMABAD: The officials of the AGP informed the Senate's Standing Committee that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had faced loss worth of $56.25 million during 2012-13 due to the fraudulent usage of credit cards in defective web ticketing system. (The Nation Nov 11, 2015).
Senate to form committee to look into PIA affairs
ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed Monday apprised the Senate that the government would utilize all available resources to make the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) a profitable state-entity within two years.

Responding to a motion moved by Senator Farhatullah Babar to discuss the overall performance of the PIA with a view to making recommendations for its improvement, the minister said losses of PIA have come down from Rs 44 billion to Rs 20 billion in one year and the national fleet would be turned into profit-earning entity in next two years.

He said PIA suffered losses due to mismanagement and corruption in the past and the present government has taken appropriate measures to improve its performance.
The minister said there were only 13 aircraft when the present government came into power but now the number has increased to 36.

He said soon after assuming the charge, the government had injected Rs 16 billion to PIA for meeting their expenditures. He said from the released amount, the PIA had managed to make its aircraft operational. Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said that Managing Director of PIA was serving the airlines without any financial benefit.

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on the suggestion of Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed had announced to constitute an All Parties Committee to look into the affairs of PIA and submit a report to the Senate accordingly. The committee would have representation from all provinces and political parties. He said formation of the committee would be announced in consultation with leader of the House and the Opposition leader in the Senate.

Taking part in the debate of the motion, Farhatullah Babar said that PIA was one of the best airlines of the world in the past and it had introduced the cargo service at that time.
Mushahid Hussain suggested the formation of the committee under the supervision of Mushahidullah Khan. He said PIA was the airlines that linked China with other parts of the world and extended support to the Emirates and Singapore airlines. Mushahidullah Khan said that reforms introduced in the PIA would make it a profitable organization, hoping that suspended routes of PIA would be restored soon.

Those who took part in the discussion included Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Azam Khan Musakhel, Ayesha Raza, Shahi Syed, Mir Kabir, Dr. Jehanzeb Jamaldini, Nauman Wazir, Nihal Hashmi, Mian Attique Shaikh, Mohsin Aziz, Saeed Ghani, Rehman Malik and Nasreen Jalil.
(Courtesy: Business Recorder, Nov 09, 2015).

Problems of PIA Pensioners, Letter of Mohammad Khan Sial printed in Daily Jehan Pakistan dated November 02, 2015
Looking after your pensioners [PIA]
KARACHI: A leading English daily " The Daily Times" has printed letter to the editor by Mohammad Khan Sial headlined: Looking after your pensioners" dated August 26, 2015.
The Letter reads as under:-

Sir: On behalf of PIA’s retired employees, I would like to draw the attention of the federal government as well as PIA’s board of directors towards the outstanding issues faced by PIA’s retired employees. Despite repeated efforts, no one seems ready to help them. If PIA’s management increases the prevailing meagre amount of pensions substantially, it would not affect PIA’s revenues as it would be increased from the readily available pension trust fund. Therefore, there seems to be no justification for using delaying tactics in the increase of pensions. Nonetheless, the policy of denying retired employees their legal rights on the part of the PIA management should now be abandoned. It may be pointed out that the increase in pensions of PIA retirees/widows was granted only once during the past 10 years, which was still insufficient in view of the meagre amount of the original pensions, which is not enough to even pay a single utility bill for a family.


The main issues of PIA’s retired employees include increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement in addition to ensuring the payment of minimum pension already fixed by the government.



2 aircraft inducted into PIA fleet

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Nov. 04 received delivery of two airplanes which has increased the fleet size of the national flag carrier to 37. The two aircrafts which have been parked at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi include a Boeing 777-200ER and an Airbus A-320. The planes would soon be put to operation after completion of formalities. PIA’s fleet size has doubled since June 2013 and there are plans to further expand it to 40 by the end of this year.

PIA Pension Card Form, Plz download Form here
  • PIA Pension section has made arrangements for prompt disbursement of pension across the country, by introducing PIA Pension Card, which can be used at any ATM Machine having 1-link.
  • Option of getting Pension through Corporate Cheque is also available.
  • Attached is the Request Form for opting disbursement of Pension through any one of available options i.e. PIA Pension Card or Corporate Cheque).
  • All concerned are requested to please download, print, fill up this form and send it to PIA Manager Pension urgently along with required info / documents for prompt disbursement of your pension OR PIAREA, PIA Head Office. Please click on following link: (Download).

  • Is PIA salvable?    By: Tyrone Tellis
     Can Pakistan International Airlines make a come back and again be the darling of air travellers?

     It would be very poignant for the veterans at our national airlines to view the Emirates inaugural flight video that is doing the rounds on social media. Like a spent star watching with mixed emotions the first performance of a youngster she gave a break to, PIA can only reflect on what was and lament the fact that the time and the crowds have passed her by.

    Our national carrier was the star of the airline industry, giving stellar performances, rarely fluffing her lines. In her heyday, like an actor in her youth with an insight in to what is sellable, PIA knew exactly how to please the crowds, she was the leading lady, the talk of the town. No it wasn’t only branding or advertising; yes, they were amazing, but they were strongly backed up by a service oriented organisation.

    Can PIA make a comeback and again be the darling of air travellers? I’m sure that if there is one brand most people in Pakistan would love to see resurrected it would be PIA. We love nostalgia,
    we remember the 1992 World Cup win and dream of being top of the world again. Similarly, we see those wonderful PIA ads and we fall in love all over again.

    Recently, I and other members of the Khalid Alvi Marketing Next Facebook page had an amazing opportunity to interact with a legend in the aviation industry, Richard Bates. Bates, who had been hired to work for PIA by Shaukat Aziz in 2009, has built some of the most popular airline brands, including, Emirates, Etihad and Virgin. Before that he worked for agencies such as FCB, Grey and Saatchi.

    So what did he reveal to us? First off he spoke about getting the basics right – no not price, promotion, etc. As he put it: “Let me state very simply, before you even start on marketing an airline, you need to ensure that it fulfils the basic hygiene factors, it must be safe, secure, clean and punctual.”

    He highlighted the role of the staff and was impressed that almost all of their staff had never worked for another airline. He emphasised that the top man is key and that for an airline everyone, from the CEO to the janitor, is responsible for service delivery. For PIA to regain its lost glory, it needs to highlight the core values that all Pakistanis share whether in Houston or Vehari.
    When asked whether PR could work or whether digital media had changed the scenario for PIA, he was very clear: “The reason Emirates and Singapore Airlines are among the most highly rated global airline products is that they have jealously guarded their product integrity. It may now be as cheap as chips to tell the world about yourself via digital media, but the fact remains that in order to stand out from the crowd, you need a product positioning which is both solid and contemporary.”

    Bates placed importance on excellent customer service as well as believing that marketing is not a department, but everything a company does or fails to do. Another area he highlighted was that dead weight (in the form of over-staffing) was a major threat to a resurgent PIA. He spoke about how British Airways under James Hogan went from a staff of 50,000 to 30,000, but all the 30,000 were in his words- “were absolutely convinced that the customer was their ultimate boss.”
    "Dead weight (in the form of over-staffing) is a major threat to a resurgent PIA."
    — Richard Bates, Former Director Special Projects, PIA.

    Bates was probed whether he believe PIA was salvable. To the surprise of many of us, he say he firmly believed the airline could return. The formula according to him? If the will of the staff is mobilised by a visionary leader, to create an airline that is relevant to the travelling needs of all major segments. A PIA offering based on not only nostalgia but something more tangible – service you can rely on, day after day. Now, the people in that kind of company would really be great
    people to fly with.
    Tyrone Tellis is a marketing professional working in Pakistan. [email protected] (Courtesy: Aurora, Dawn).

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    PIA Retirees'
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    Yes, you can meet your old colleagues / friends here. I am in process of compiling a comprehensive list of PIA Retired employees who are now in thousands and living in various parts of the world so that Retirees
    can contact each other and remember old and golden days spent in IA.
    Can you add to the list? This is part of my small efforts to prepare a comprehensive list. This is only beginning, however, I would be thankful to you for additions, omissions, amendments & corrections. Suggestions are also welcome. Mohammad Khan Sial, E-mail:  [email protected] Please click here >>>>>>

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    To start with, I am writing my own interesting experience in PIA, please read this and give me your comments for improvement. Thanks - Mohammad Khan Sial. 
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    Phone Nos. of PIA Pension Cell,
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    Phone No. of PIA Pension Cell at Head Office, Karachi is: 0092-21-99044228 (Direct) OR PIA Telephone Exchange No. 0091-21-990440000 Ext. 44228.
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    PIA Telephone Exchange No. 0091-21-990440000 Ext. 45646

    China unveils jetliner in bid to compete with Boeing, Airbus
    SHANGHAI: China’s first big passenger plane rolled off the assembly line on Monday as the Asian
    giant seeks the prestige of having its own aviation sector, and to challenge foreign giants Airbus
    and Boeing for market share.
    Workers spent over a year putting together the C919, a narrow-body jet which can seat 168 passengers, at the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC) facility in Shanghai.
    For China, the plane represents at least seven years of efforts in a state-mandated drive to reduce dependence on European consortium Airbus and Boeing of the United States, and even compete against them.
    “China’s air transport industry cannot completely rely on im­­ports. A great nation must have its
    own large commercial aircraft,” the country’s civil aviation chief Li Jiaxiang told an audience of government and industry officials.
    A small truck towed the 39-metre long plane — painted white with a green tail — out of a cavernous building decorated with an enormous Chinese flag into the sunlight as project workers marched alongside, an AFP journalist saw.
    “The roll out of the first C919 aircraft marks a significant milestone in the development of China’s
    first indigenous aircraft,” COMAC chairman Jin Zhuang­long told the ceremony.
    The aircraft, which has a range of up to 5,555 kilometres (3,444 miles), will make its first test flight
    in 2016, he said — meaning that it will miss the original deadline of this year.
    The China Daily newspaper has reported the maiden voyage could even be put back to 2017.
    China has dreamed of building its own civil aircraft since the 1970s when Jiang Qing, leader Mao Zedong’s wife and a member of the notorious “Gang of Four”, personally backed an attempt to do so. But the Y-10’s heavy weight made it impractical and only three were ever made.
    Although the C919 is made in China, foreign firms are playing key roles by supplying systems as well as the engines, which are made by CFM International, a joint venture between General Electric (GE)
    of the US and France’s Safran.
    Spending on the C919 has not been revealed. Last month, the Export-Import Bank of China said it would provide state-owned COMAC with $7.9 billion in finance for its aircraft projects.
    The company already has orders for 517 of its C919 planes, according to a COMAC statement, almost all of them from domestic buyers. Among foreign customers, Thailand’s City Airways has ordered 10, according to an announcement last month.
    (Dawn, Nov 03, 2015).

    All PIA Retirees living in Pakistan and abroad are hereby requested to send
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    PIA management must resolve long outstanding
    problems of PIA Retired employees 

    KARACHI: March 24, 2014: leading English dailies of Pakistan have recently printed letters to the editors written by Mohammad Khan Sial highlighting various problems of PIA retirees. The letters
    read as under:

     The retired of PIA
    The News / Monday, March 24, 2014 

    The outstanding issues of PIA's retired employees include pensions, payment of group insurance amounts and restoration of the 50 percent commuted amount of pension to those who have
    completed 10 years of their retirement. Needless to mention here that if PIA increased pensions substantially, it would not affect PIA revenues as it would be increased from the readily available Pension Trust Fund.

    The policy of denying the retired employees of PIA their legal rights on the part of the PIA
    management should now be changed.

    Mohammad Khan Sial, 

     Problems facing PIA retirees
    The Express Tribune / Saturday, March 22, 2014

    KARACHI: The outstanding issues of PIA’s retired employees, with special emphasis on a substantial increase in pensions, payment of group insurance amount on maturity and re
    storation of the 50 per cent commuted amount of pensions to those who have completed 
    10 years of their retirement, are major issues of the retired employees of the national carrier that
    are yet to be resolved on a priority basis. Needless to mention, if PIA increases pensions
    substantially, it would not affect its revenues as that increase will come from the readily available Pension Trust Fund.

    PIA’s last increase in pensions was effective from April 1, 2013. That was an insufficient increase considering the meagre amounts of the pensions, which are not enough to even pay
    a single utility bill of a family. 

    Earlier, increase in pensions of PIA retirees/widows was granted only once during the past 
    10 years. Further, the discrimination that retirees have faced and the way their lawful rights 
    have been denied to them by the airline’s management must change. PIA retirees should be given
    their legal rights on a priority basis, including a handsome increase in their pensions without further waste of time.

    Mohammad Khan Sial
    Published in The Express Tribune, March 22nd, 2014.

    Issues of PIA retirees  
    The Pakistan Observer / Sunday, March 23, 2014.

    Mohammad Khan Sial 
    Sunday, March 23, 2014 - The outstanding issues of PIA’s retired employees with special emphasis on substantial increase on pension, payment of 
    Group Insurance
     amount on the maturity and restoration of the 50 per cent commuted amount of pension to those who have completed 10 years of their retirement, are major issues of retired employees of PIA and need to be resolved on priority basis. Needless to mention here if PIA increases pension substantially, it would not affect PIA revenues as it would be disbursed from readily available Pension Trust Fund.
    Nevertheless, PIA had increased pension last time effective from April 01, 2013; it was an insufficient increase in prevailing meagre amount of pension that is not sufficient even to pay single utility bill of a home. Earlier, increase in the pension of PIA retirees / widows was granted only once during past10 years.
    Further, the attitude of discrimination and of denying the lawful rights of the retired employees of
    PIA on part of PIA management should be changed by now and PIA
    Retirees should be given their
    legal rights
     on priority basis including handsome increase in PIA
     without further wastage of time. —Karachi
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