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    My Interesting Experience in PIA:

Most of our colleagues have spent years in PIA - the best time of their lives. By remembering the sweet memories of the past, I hereby request them to share their interesting experience with other colleagues. 

Please write to us, we have created a separate page for this purpose. Do not forget to attach your photograph. Retired as well as Serving employees both may participate.

To start with, I am writing my own interesting experience in PIA. Your comments for improvement are welcome. Thanks - Mohammad Khan Sial. 

When ex-MD PIA M M Saleem acted to help!

BY: Raja Ghulam Jillani, Assistant Manager HR (Retired), General Secretary, PIAREA RWP / ISB <[email protected]>/<[email protected] com> / Cell: 03348504678

I joined PIA on 5th March, 1975 in Pay Group III/ii and retired on 4.1.2009 in Pay Group VII in HR. Following is one of my experiences that I wanted to tell our readers. 

I still remember that was Sunday and ex-M. M. Saleem was our Managing Director, PIA.
As usual during summer vacation, there was heavy rush on PIA flights particularly from Karachi to Islamabad, therefore, Sublos (PIA employees) were in trouble to get Boarding Cards (seats) as their total number reached to 300. When I reached at airport almost 300 Sublos were running from pillar to post to get the Boarding Cards but in vain. The Duty Officer, Traffic was crying repeatedly that no Sublo should travel the flight despite the fact almost 300 seats were available. 

When I asked him about his refusal to accept Sublos he, who was looking like my age 
about 22 at that time, cried "I am the Incharge and how you dare to ask me such  question?" However, on my insistence, he told me that around 300 passengers were stranded at the hotel but they were unable to reach as no arrangement of their
pick up could be made so far. To save their wings to burn, he was continuously disturbed with my arguments. 

In the meantime, I tried to contact some PIA Executive for help despite offices were 
closed being Sunday - weekly off but to in vain. During my struggle, all of a sudden, I 
heard a voice of "M. M. Saleem" (ex-MD, PIA). May God bless him. 

I told him the facts after introducing myself and also contention of our Duty Officer. Did you know what happen? The worthy M. M. Saleem asked me to call the Duty Officer and
he gave him a heavy dose and then every Sublo was on board except Mr. Jillani (myself). Nonetheless, on the next flight, I also traveled to Islamabad.

June 10, 2012.

Sir, Camera for photographer not allowed..!!

        By: Mohammad Khan Sial, Manager Marketing, PIA (Rtd) <[email protected]>

During the tenure of Air Marshal (R) Mohammad Azim Daudpota as Managing Director, 
(later Chairman, PIA), I was working as PRO, PIA at Head Office, Karachi Airport.
One day, I have received a telephone call from some Engineer informing me that Air 
Marshal (r) Daudpota was visiting the Engineering complex unscheduled to see Plasma 
Unit that was created by PIA engineers first time. They requested me to send 
photographer to take photos to be released for press coverage later.
I along with our official photographer late Nazar Mohammad rushed to Fokker Gate of 
Engineering Complex (Opposite to PIA Head Office, Karachi) that was near to Plasma 
Unit. The ASF staff on duty after checking my Apron Pass allowed me to enter the area (Restricted Area of Engineering complex) but for photographer, they said he 
could enter as he had also valid Apron Pass but he could not take camera with him.

I tried to convince the ASF staff on duty that on the Apron Pass of late Nazar, his 
designation was clearly mentioned as "PIA Photographer" whereas it was also mentioned on the Pass in bold words: "Valid for official duty only". 

I told them the official job of PIA Photographer was to take photos, therefore, he was 
on official duty so he might be allowed to enter but they did not agree even after long 
discussion. According to them, another Pass was required for camera.

Therefore, we decided to use another entry point so we again rushed to Ispahani Hanger Gate that was away and we had to come back by taking "U Turn"  as Plasma Unit was
inside near the Fokker Gate. Nonetheless, we did not face any problem of entry along with camera from another Gate. When we reached the Plasma Unit, Air Marshal Daudpota had already left and we had to return in disappointment without having our fault. 

Dated: November 12, 2015.

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