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Pleased to see your website
 Muhammad Illyas Instructor Engineer Aerospace <
 [email protected]> writes
from Karachi:
Dear Sial, Asslamualaikum, I am pleased to see the website.  I just be with you with
the words that the organization is not new for me as I have the honour to attend
the first gathering called by Mr Aasi at Lahore.  I attended meetings at Lahore till
August, 2011, after which I got the chance to be with my brothers at Karachi. 
Please find my Life membership form in the record. Hope to see you. With best

* What else can be suggested when you have done a great job of making a website?
[June 18, 2012].
** Dear Illyas, I am grateful to you for praising our website - mks

Image building of PIA praised
 Sultan Hasan, General Manager, Public Affairs, PIA, Karachi through SMS writes: 
Sial Sahib, Thank you for your efforts in image building of PIA. We appreciate your
efforts and would be supporting your efforts. Regards, Sultan Hasan [June 11, 2012].

** I am delighted you being PIA spokesman, has appreciated my efforts in building
PIA image-mks

Meeting old pals is pleasure
 Shakur Alam 
<[email protected] from New York writes:

Meeting old pals is a pleasure unparalleled. Retirees are now scattered all over the
world. It would be great of a city-wise directory is compiled so that every one
comes to know who is where possibly to meet and remember the Golden Days
(of PIA). Shakur Alam, P-12232, New York
[June 12, 2012].
** It is our main purpose to bring the old friends close. It was my effort from
beginning to upload such list but unfortunately the concerned person could not
compile the list so far despite my repeated reminders. As soon as, I receive
Membership List, I would upload it without wasting the time, rest assured - mks.

Very good effort

 Asad Afridi, General Manager, PIA through SMS writes:

Sir, a very good effort (Website). It was also thoughtful of you for the salute to
Shaheed Gazala Siddiqui - wife of our friend Mazhar Zardari. Wish you all the best.
Asad Afridi
[June 11, 2012].
** Thanks Asad Afridi Sb, for your compliments - mks

Dedication, selfless interest & efforts 
 Niaz A Qureshi <
[email protected]>from Islamabad writes:

Sial Sahib, Asslamo Alaikum, ALLAH SUBHANA VA TALA may kindly grant you all HIS Rehmatain aur Barkatain. Your dedication, selfless interest & efforts to serve
the voiceless community of PIA has got to be appreciated to the highest level.
When people like you are there, reward may take time to come but I do firmly
believe it will INSHA ALLAH come. And by the grace of ALLAH SUBHANAHOO,
we may live to see that. I'd like to draw you attention to my Email address. It is [email protected] It is 2 not 12. Thank you very much indeed
[June 10, 2012].
** Thanks a lot for your appreciation - I have noted your email - mks

Upgradation of website appreciated
 Shafiuddin Qureshi <[email protected]> President PIAREA - Multan writes:

     Up-gradation of website is appreciable. PIAREA is striving hard to apprehend
the problems that were and are being faced by PIA retired employees since many
decades. However, its message still need to go down the line to all employees
regardless of their pay group PG-I or PG X.

Efforts of Mr Mohammad Khan Sial to keep the website live is amazing. I wish more
and more visitors may hit this website. 

At the same time, please upload photos, videos of PIAREA meetings whenever
and wherever these are held. My thanks and regards.
[June 08, 2012].
** Thank you for appreciating our website. I wish to upload videos and photos
also but you will appreciate, this is free website with limited space that I am
maintaining since April 05, 2010. I hope you will understand my difficulty in meeting
your demand - mks

P. S: Yes, resigned members can become members of the Association. Nonetheless,
those who were dismissed / terminated from PIA Service are not allowed to become members.

 Inam Rahim <
[email protected]> writes from Lahore;

Dear Sial Sb,
Thanks for the informative e-mail regarding PIAREA web , your endurance and
dedication towards the organization is highly appreciated.

Please continue to build our interest in future of PIAREA with your skills and
guidance. Thanking you again, Inam Ur Rahim, GS, PIAREA- LHE, 0321 8480980,
0300 8480980.
[June 08, 2012].
** Thanks a lot for appreciation - mks

No office since 2010 year
 Muhammad Abbas Khan <
[email protected]>writes from Karachi

If I am not wrong, PIAREA was established in the year 2010 [Dec 2009] but we are
still without any office. It is like a General without head quarter or a Commander
without vessels. Do you agree, Sir? Best Regards
[June 07, 2012].
 Almost in every meeting, I emphasized them to open an office but to in vain. I
agree an office is must for any organization who want to work seriously - mks

Praising our website
 Tahir Chaudhry <
[email protected]> from USA writes;
Dear Sial Sb: Aslam-o-Alakum. Pleased to see the recently updated website. The composition and the color scheme are awesome speaking volumes of your personal
interest. Thanks for your talent and time for your colleagues. Say my hello to
Zulfiqar Sahib too. Regards. Tahir Chaudhry
[June 07, 2012].
** Thank you Tahir Chaudhry Sahib. It is my best effort to make website for
PIA Retirees more impressive despite I am not professional - mks.

To strengthen our existing bonds
 Inam ur Rahim <
[email protected]> from Lahore writes;

Dear M K Sial,  Thanks for updating the web, great job. Please also update the
members about developments pertaining to on-going enthusiasm about subjects
mentioned in your mail (like Pension).
God bless you all working for the cause of Retirees . We are with you all the way.
Best Regards, Inam ur Rahim, Lahore. Cell :  0300 & 0321/8480980,  
** Inam Saheb, Thanks for your kind sentiments - mks.

To strengthen our existing bonds
 Niaz A. Qureshi <
[email protected]> from Islamabad writes;

Many meetings have been conducted at RWP/ISB, but the main office bearers like
President, General Secretary & others have never shown up. I request that they
should also come and address the community. That will Insha-Allah strengthen our
existing bonds. Regards
[Dec 2010].
** Your suggestion has been conveyed to them and let us hope they would also
visit Islamabad soon. mks.

Remembering forgotten friends!
 Ahmed Sohail Wahab <
[email protected]> writes from Guelph, Canada:

Dear Friends, It was a pleasure to hear from our dear friend Haseeb Khan best known
as Khanoo about your organization and all the nice things you plan to do about the
forgotten retired persons of PIA. It was all the more reassuring when I saw the
name of Chiefy and other familiar people among the organizers.

I think its about time a bunch of dedicated people took up the cause of all of us
retired people who gave a lifetime to serve PIA and now feel neglected and

My name is Ahmed Sohail Wahab who served PIA TRAFFIC (Pax Service) from
1962 till 2004 at different stations and finally retired from ISB. I now live in Guelph,
Canada and lead a content and quiet life. I am very lucky to still have contact
with a lot of my colleagues and friends from PIA but would be more than happy
to get in touch with old friends who somehow got lost on the way.

I would like to appreciate the efforts of all of you and would love to hear from old
friends and meet them if possible. Good Luck and Regards. Sohail Wahab,
Ph.519-265-2310, Cell 519-731-2641
[Oct 21, 2010].
** Dear Sohail Wahab. We all fiends here are happy to know your kind sentiments. 
Our main purpose is to connect our old friends and do some thing good collectively for welfare of all members. Plz convey our good wishes to Mr. Haseeb Khan (Khanoo)-mks.

PIAREA Directory
 Inam Rahim<
i[email protected]> writes:

Dear Sial Sb, thanks for your attention, this message may be forwarded to all
stations already having our  representation. I would also like to suggest that all
stations office bearers, e- mail adds, phone & cell Nos be posted on website
with title Directory. Will stay in touch. My regards to all members.
[August 13, 2010].
** Dear Mr. Inam, thank you for your email and interest in PIA retirees matters.
Meanwhile, I have already requested our concerned friends to compile list of
members so that I put the information on website with full details. One day we will
be able to include the said information after its completion in our website. We,
once again, thank you for your interest - mks.

Think Tank - a good step
 M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<
[email protected]> writes from USA:

Dear Sial Sb: A-o-A: Thanks for your reply and action. Formation of a "Think Tank"
is an excellent move, and is very much appreciated. Dear '
Zulfi' the great Zulfiqar
Ali is my ideal; I love the man. My career with him as my Instructor, SSM, SM, GM,
and even in SSA are great memories. Besides his ability to manage any 'situation'  competently, he has God gifted quality to understand people better than many. I
enjoyed working with him. Best Regards. Tahir
[July 31, 2010].
** We are thankful, you have praised our idea for setting up Think Tank and
particularly appointment of Mr Zulfikar as its head. We again, thank you for your
continuous interest - mks.

Registration - a good step
 Assadullah Khan, Kauser Town, Malir, Karachi <
[email protected]
Dear Sir, My congratulations to all my friends for their efforts which resulted in
getting registration. Now PIA management will not deprive us of our basic rights.
Our skilled and experienced office-bearers will lead us towards positive direction.
Secondly, formation of Think Tank is good sign and it is a big step towards
achievement. Thirdly, Mr Jamil Ahmed Khan to head Sahara Committee is good
decision. With best regards to all my friends who devoted themselves for good
[July 29, 2010].
**Thank you for your email. Hope cooperation of our valued members like you,
will continue in days to come - mks.

Congratulations on Registration 
Shafiuddin Qureshi <[email protected]> writes from Multan:
Dear Sial Sahib. Assalamoalaikum. Congratulations on registration. Of course it is a
great success and a mile-stone toward betterment of retiring and retired employees
of PIA.
This segment of employees had always been ignored and they are receiving scanty
amounts of pension - just laughable by others. I am positive with the dedicated
leadership; a revolutionary change in pension and other benefits of retired employees
is expected. We are ready to go ahead for necessary tasks under guidance of the
senior leadership.
[July 28, 2010].

PIAREA: Congratulations from USA
 M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<
[email protected]> writes from USA:

Registration within shortest time is a great success for all of you working so hard
to establish a solid legal platform for the voice of the voiceless retirees of once
great airlines of the world.

Current PIA is rampant with corruption A to Z, and it has become a monkey business.
I am sure now you people will get the due rights of the retirees which the
management of PIA has so far denied shamelessly to those who gave their lives for
the success of PIA by keeping it then a legend airline of the time. Allah may bless
all of you to strive for the justice for all. Best Regards. Tahir [July 21, 2010]

** Thanks for your kind sentiments - mks.

PIA: Hoping from hopeless; Truth will prevail one day - Inshaullah
 M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<
[email protected]> writes from USA: Dear Sial
Sahib: A-AoA: Back in 80's while attending PIA Training Centre at KHI Airport, and
putting up at Midway, we were about 18 officers in the class. I wondered at the
lowest level of knowledge and academic skills of some claiming to be 'graduates'  from national and even international universities.

Since they had special degrees in addition to their 'links', they climbed the ladder
of Groups rapidly. I couldn't understand the reason of their poor performance then.
Though very late, it is clear now with today's news that PIA has fired 200 employees
for their bogus degrees. Looking at the overall performance of the airlines, the number of 'cheaters' is much  higher than mere 200 and MD's admittance of
'garbage' before PAC is no wonder.

A department or institution is made of persons known by their characters; and cheaters unfortunately have nothing of this sort. So when some one sitting in a
so-called high seat at the head office, first calls you in to  settle your long
outstanding bill of official expenditures suddenly tells that "he has nothing to do
with it" has no character at all. When PIA retirees are denied their rights,
discriminated and humiliated at the hands of these so called 'colleagues', this is all
about hoping from the hopeless lot. Let us hold together. Truth will prevail,
InshAllah. Regards. Tahir
[July 02, 2010].
** It is very unfortunate our colleagues of the past, after reaching to higher
administrative posts are treating themselves as 'small gods on earth'. Ex-Director HR
& Administration M. Hanif Pathan got back-dated promotion as Director since 1999
and received Rs 39 lakhs as arrears as reported by daily Jang, Karachi but on
the contrary, he is not willing to reimburse to me only USD 7 per day as
expenditures which I incurred to run the whole Kabul station. Total amount
involved was only USD 1985/(8 months) - More disturbing is: he claims he has
nothing to do with such cases despite being Director HR & Administration.
What a joke! - mks.

PIAREA website connecting lost friends:
 Sajid Ansari <[email protected]> writes;
Thanks, and it's really great that by virtue of this website, the 'lost' friends are
being 'found'. Best regards, Sajid Ansari
[June 24, 2010].
** Sir, You are very correct - mks.

PIA pension:
 M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<[email protected]> writes from USA: A-o-A:
Hope you are fine. I sent you an email on 18/06/10 re 'Plight of PIA Pensioners'
with some suggestion. May be you are busy; but if you have some moments then
look into it for some action please. Again, today I saw one Syed Sardar Ahmed
of MQM in Sindh Assembly voicing for the neglected pensioners of Sindh province.

Nobody is speaking for PIA pensioners despite its statutory status as federal
employees being regulated by the Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan
under PIAC Act. If PIA is in critical financial situation today for down to earth
corruption and mismanagement, the PIA's pensioners who after giving their youth 
and blood to the national carrier and long gone home, are not at all responsible 
for the disaster. In fact the period when these retired and now pensioners
managed the affairs  of PIA is still remembered as the best and golden era of a
successful airline of the world. A time when PIA was not only profitable for itself but earned a lot of foreign exchange for the Government of Pakistan. 

I know it is very hard to move this shameless and selfish junta to ask for due justice
but relentless legal action can certainly get us our long denied raises in our pensions 
from PIA and the Government. Only united we can do it; therefore, let all of us
contribute together for a special 'Legal Action Fund' to purse this matter legally. It
can be taken up by joining Raja Saeed Khan of RWP's case already pending
somewhere. Best regards. Sincerely, Tahir Chaudhry
[June 22, 2010]
** Thank you for email expressing your concern about non-increase of PIA pension.
We have raised the question many times with the Management byr to in vain - mks.

Suggestion about passage & medical facilities to daughters / sons
 Mr I H Mir (Senior Purser Cabin Crew) <[email protected]> writes
from Bath Island, Clifton, Karachi: Hello, Sir, I would like to suggest that dependent / unmarried daughters should be given privilege of medical and tickets and also sons
below 29 years of age should also regularized by extending same opportunity. Hope
you all agree with my suggestion. Looking forward. Thanks. Senior Purser
[June 21, 2010].
** I have forwarded your suggestions to concerned person with request to help-mks.

MD PIA admits able, qualified persons left PIA , only garbage left
behind including him
  M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<[email protected]> writes from USA:

Dear Mr. Sial,

A-0-A: Today [June 17, 2010], PIA's MD Ejaz Haroon has admitted before Public
Accounts Committee that almost all able & qualified employees have already left PIA;
only garbage, including himself, is left behind. True; because more 'qualified' sons &
nephews of elite class were needed to be adjusted. What we see of PIA today was 
written on the wall and had to happen. With MD PIA before PAC was the address by
the Secretary of M/O Defence, Government of Pakistan, who in fact runs100%
affairs of the national carrier.

His authority stems from the PIAC Act, which is a law of the land passed by the
Parliament. Based on the recommendations by the Pay & Pension Commission, same government which is controlling PIA, raised the pensions of the retired employees of
the government of Pakistan, leaving PIA retirees untouched although standing at
the same footings as of the government retirees.

Not only that it is highly discriminative but violates the fundamental rights of PIA
retirees being the unfortunate citizens of Pakistan (Article. 4 of the Constitution). 

Raja Saeed Khan of RWP though had initiated some action, but I have no clue of its current stage.

Mr. Sial! I appreciate your efforts for organizing this site; many thanks for that. We
must take up this matter aggressively against PIA and the Government of Pakistan 
by hiring a team of competent lawyers of Pakistan, and also using media extensively
to voice this gross injustice against us. Besides Law we must hire services of
some experts in Audit & Accounts to calculate all arrears due from the past which
have been denied to us.

We have very solid case, and unless they are hit hard, they are not going to give
our rights so easily. Hope to hear something soon. Best regards. Sincerely,
Tahir Chaudhry
[June 17, 2010].
** MD, PIA has expressed his candid views when he says professionals & qualified
persons have already deserted PIA leaving garbage behind including himself. 

You are very correct when you say PIA retirees are subject to discrimination
particularly with reference to our pension. It is pity PIA is being run by
unprofessional bosses. I can give you one example. My arrears about internet,
medical and transport charges pertaining to my posting at Kabul during the year
2005, were approved by MD, PIA when I interviewed with him (Total amount
about USD 5,000) and this was informed to me in writing vide Management's letter
No. HRM (M)/MT7R/08 dated July 15, 2008  issued by G M Personal. But after
passing more than 
two yearsand sending many Reminders to MD / DA, I could not
get my arrears back. When I met Director HR and Administration Mr. M. Hanif Pathan
for this purpose, he personally & surprisingly told me, he has nothing to do with my
case. I promptly told him: If it was so, why he called me numerous times for the
last two years? or just he was wasting my time. So this is where PIA stands
today!! - mks.

Why PIA under Ministry of Defence depriving us facilities of all
groups of Govt Servants?
  Assadullah Khan, Kauser Town, Malir, Karachi <[email protected]

Dear Sir, Suggestion reflected on your website, no doubt are good achievements
rather than a good job initiated. Comments from Mr Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney) is
highly appreciated in context of revision of pension by Govt though we are under
ministry of Defence. Why? we are deprived off all facilities extended to all groups
of Govt servant. Thank you Chaudhry Sahib and Sial Saheb. Best regards ASAD
[June 14, 2010].
** Many years back, PIA was under Ministry of Communication. I personally
suggest if you agree, you may write in "letters to the editor" column in Dawn with
full justification - mks.

Website good achievement but..............!!

  Assadullah Khan, Kauser Town, Malir, Karachi <
[email protected]
No doubt a good achievement in creating a website to learn the facts. I suggest
that this website to be utilised in a way that all retired [employees] should know
the contacts of each other for welfare purpose. For the last two months,  no
updates are made all text remained the same, at least the Minutes of last meetings
to be enhanced. Thanks, Regards, Asad [June 05, 2010].

 Thank you for appreciating our website. If you have visited our concerned page,
it is clearly mentioned the data of members is being compiled and as soon as it
completes, we will upload the same. However, it is unfair when you claim, website
has not been updated for the last two months.

This website was created on April, 05, 2010 (two months back). In other words,
no updating has been made as per your claim since its creation whereas facts are;
colour scheme has been changed twice of the whole website, some pages like
"Letters" have been added, up-to-date information about the meetings at
Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi / Islamabad & Multan has been provided from time
to time. Photos of Convenors were also added when received. In view of frequent
breakdown of power, mostly I update the website at mid nights or late nights.
Some old information is deliberately allowed to retain because it is useful for new
comers and also works as Reminder to prevailing members. Thanks - mks.

Beautiful website of PIAREA
 Sajid Ansari
 <[email protected]> writes;
Dear Sial Sb, Walaikum Assalam, Thanks for locating me and sending your beautiful
web site. Aren't you the same who was posted to Kabul last? 

I will, Inshallah, attend one of your meetings at Karachi, Lahore or at Islamabad /
Rawalpindi. You are doing a great job to unite all retired employees under one flag
which was a need of the hour so that the genuine grievances may strongly be
taken-up with the PIA management. Please keep it up, we are with you with soul
and heart, wish you all success. Best regards, 
[May 26, 2010].
** Thanks for praising our website. Yes, I am the same who worked as Country
Manager, PIA Afghanistan at Kabul in the years 2005 by putting my life at high
risk for the sake of PIA - mks

*      Proposed increase in pension but why not for PIA employees?

*      M I Tahir Chaudhry (Attorney)<[email protected]> writes from USA
[01] Dear Mr. Sial, A-o-A: Thanks for your quick action. Today, I have noticed 
certain news on line that the recommendations of Pay & Pension Commission under
Dr. Ishrat Hussain for 15 to 20% increased  for employees & retirees of Government
& GHQ have already been accepted and incorporated in the coming Fiscal Budget.
If so, my question is why not retirees from PIA being always under the Ministry of
Defence, Government of Pakistan? When Government wants to control PIA, it is
under Ministry of Defence, to be governed and regulated strictly by their rules and regulations, but when it comes to the pensions benefits the helpless retirees of PIA
are out of it. What a mockery of justice and fairness! This is most stupid logic they
have. I am sure, if PIAREA follow up this issue on merits the stinking establishment
in the Government cannot stand anymore before any court of law. I don't know
the current status of Raja Saeed Khan's case which should be pursued vigorously, collectively. Regards.
[May 22, 2010]

*     [02] Dear Mr. Sial, A-o-A, I was curious and wondering for sometime if there would
be any PIREA. And finally yesterday I found it under your website. It was long
awaited and needed by PIA retirees including myself. Thanks for doing this great 
service to your colleagues. It is very much appreciated. I have gone though your
personal data at your web site; its very impressive and I am glad to come across
a person of good nature and excellent values of humanity. Allah bless you & your
family Mr. Sial!
[May 25, 2010].
** Thanks for appreciating our website. It is 'zulm' that full pension benefits are
being denied to the PIA retirees without any justification. That is why our
colleagues are striving to raise voice against prevailing injustices. Please accept
my personal thanks for appreciating my websites and also your kind sentiments
expressed for me - mks.

A letter of retiree to his colleagues

*      CSO (R) Ahmed Saeed Siddiqui, writes from Islamabad Base:

*     Dear Colleagues, As-Salam-Alaikum. Every one of us knows the step-motherly
treatment being given to the PIA retirees who were actually the architects of this
civil aviation conglomerate which was once treated among the best Airlines of the

Their pensions are stagnant, some of  the pensioners are getting pensions lower
than Rs. 2,000/- per month. The passage facilities are so disgusting that almost
95 per cent pensioners do not like to avail the facilities amongst fears of getting
offloaded. There are lot of barriers in medical treatments and hospitalizations.
Furthermore, the ever growing financial crunch is horrifying. 

*     Keeping in view the above, it was felt that a body should be registered to portray
the grievances of the retirees without any discrimination of  pay group or trade.

*     You are requested to please convey the message to all  PIA retirees in your circle
of friends suggesting them to visit our website regularly.
[May 11, 2010].
** I appreciate your kind sentiments expressed for our colleagues - mks.